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Matthew Santos (Character)
from "The West Wing" (1999)

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"The West Wing: Tomorrow (#7.22)" (2006)
President Josiah Bartlet: Make me proud, Mr. President.
President Matthew Santos: I'll do my best, Mr. President.

Representative Matthew Santos: What's next?
[repeating one of President Bartlett's tag lines]

Helen Santos: [waiting to step out for the inauguration] Man, I hope Janet Spraegins has her TV on.
President Matthew Santos: Who?
Helen Santos: Senior year. She beat me out for the last varsity spot on the swim team.
President Matthew Santos: Guess what?
Helen Santos: What?
President Matthew Santos: You win.
Helen Santos: [long pause] Though she did get Don Bolland to take her to the prom instead of me.
President Matthew Santos: We'll call it even then.
Helen Santos: Nah, I'm pretty sure Janet had to put out so Don would take her.

[at his desk in the Oval Office, Santos is giving orders to his staff, but stops when he sees Josh's wide smile]
President Matthew Santos: What?
Josh Lyman: You look good back there.

"The West Wing: Mr. Frost (#7.4)" (2005)
Clifford Reynolds - Teacher: May I ask you if you believe in the theory of evolution?
Matthew Santos: Well, I think it'd be very difficult to teach geology, anthropology, and zoology without evolution, so yes, I do. I don't believe it's contradictory to believe in science and believe in God.
Clifford Reynolds - Teacher: Do you believe that the theory of Intelligent Design and the Theory of Evolution should be taught alongside each other in the public schools?
Matthew Santos: Absolutely not. One is based on science, the other is based on faith. Intelligent Design is not a scientific theory, it's a religious belief. And our Constitution does not allow for the teaching of religion in our public schools.
Clifford Reynolds - Teacher: Many of us here would be more comfortable if our children were taught all points of view.
Matthew Santos: And I'm all for that. Evolution is not perfect. It doesn't answer every question but it is based on scientific facts; facts that can be predicted, tested, and proven. Intelligent Design asks theological questions. I'm sure that many of us would agree that at the beginning of all that begat-ing, something begun.
[the people laugh]
Matthew Santos: What was that something?
Clifford Reynolds - Teacher: Congressman Santos, many of us want a version of science taught to our kids that's in accordance with our beliefs.
Matthew Santos: I understand. But can't we agree that the inclusion of non-scientific explanations into the science curriculum of our schools misrepresents the nature of science? And therefore compromises a central purpose in our public education which is the preparation of a scientifically literate workforce. If you have a problem with your child's education, get involved. If you have a problem with what the School Board wants to teach, run for School Board. We can never forget that the best way to preserve our democracy is to take part in it. Thanks for your question. Thank you all.

"The West Wing: The Mommy Problem (#7.2)" (2005)
Congressman Matthew Santos: There is no way that bed was steel reinforced.

"The West Wing: The Dover Test (#6.6)" (2004)
Josh Lyman: You're too good at this. You can't just walk away.
Matthew Santos: Watch me.

"The West Wing: Election Day: Part 2 (#7.17)" (2006)
Congressman Matthew Santos: America has lost a giant tonight, and I have lost a friend. Leo McGarry dedicated his life to public service. To the notion that every citizen is responsible for making this country a better place. That we have a sacred duty to participate in our democracy. To leave America stronger for the next generation. If I win this election, the country will be worse off because Leo McGarry will not be there to help me run it. But I don't want anyone to vote for or against me because of Leo McGarry. This race wasn't about him and it isn't about me. It's a vision for America that will outlast Leo and outlast me. There is an America that's bigger than any of us, and for those of you who have not yet voted, it is the only thing that should matter when you go to the polls tonight. Thank you.

"The West Wing: Transition (#7.19)" (2006)
Helen Santos: Time for a little incursion?
President Elect Matthew Santos: [looks at his watch] Not even for a surgical strike.
Helen Santos: I had in mind more of shock and awe.
President Elect Matthew Santos: Oh, yeah? After 15 years of marriage I'd be shocked if you were awed.

"The West Wing: Impact Winter (#6.9)" (2004)
Matthew Santos: I'm not running for Congress again, Josh. Now, you came a long way, I'm sorry about that. But it's just...
Josh Lyman: I'm not talking about Congress.

"The West Wing: Freedonia (#6.15)" (2005)
Representative Matthew Santos: Good Evening. I'm running for President. And if you don't know who I am, I wouldn't be surprised. I've been shut out of tomorrow night's debate for suggesting that it actually *be* a debate, and this is the only ad I can afford. I got in this to improve a broken school system; to fix entitlements, 'cause they're going bankrupt; to expand health coverage, 'cause it'll save money if fewer people show up in emergency rooms. What I've found is that Presidential campaigns aren't about these things. They're about clawing your opponent's eyes out, so long as you don't get tagged for it. So how 'bout this - I will never say anything about my opponents, or anything about anything - without saying it myself, right into the camera. You might not get to hear much of me but when you do, you'll know I stand by it. I'm Matt Santos. And you better believe I approved this ad.

"The West Wing: The Al Smith Dinner (#7.6)" (2005)
Louise Thornton: Let this attack stand and we strip away what's different about Santos: he's a religious Catholic, not another secular Democrat who can be portrayed as hostile to heartland values.
Matthew Santos: Leo?
Leo McGarry: I worry about elevating this, but if the charge sticks it could kill us with values voters and that puts Vinick's nine-point lead in the bank.
Matthew Santos: We hit Vinick and we hit him hard!