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Louise Thornton (Character)
from "The West Wing" (1999)

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"The West Wing: Running Mates (#7.10)" (2006)
Josh Lyman: Okay, forget what I was saying. I want you to get out there and lower expectations now.
Louise Thornton: Beyond what they are?
Josh Lyman: Lower than low! Go for low! Hades low! Spinning iron core in the planet low! Low!

"The West Wing: Transition (#7.19)" (2006)
Louise Thornton: Rough day?
Josh Lyman: Nuh, typical.
Louise Thornton: You love it, you live for it, you were born to do it, I'm the same way. Everybody tells me to get a life, although I don't know why... I find life to be terribly overrated. It's actually quite boring when it's not disappointing. Say what you will about what we do, but boring it is not.
Josh Lyman: I know that you can parlay the Santos win into a doubling of your fee.
Louise Thornton: Tripling, if it figures into your memoirs.
Josh Lyman: Nothing is going to top this. Everything else's going to be a letdown.
Louise Thornton: Letdowns that make me semi-rich, that's a tradeoff I'm willing to endure.
Josh Lyman: You don't care about money.
Louise Thornton: Who doesn't?
Josh Lyman: You!
Louise Thornton: Not as such.
Josh Lyman: As what?
Louise Thornton: Scorekeeping. Quantitative evidence that I'm smarter than you. Not *you*.
Josh Lyman: Who?
Louise Thornton: Everybody else.
Josh Lyman: Come on board as communications director.
Louise Thornton: Thank you, but no.
Josh Lyman: Finish what you started.
Louise Thornton: I'm not interested in governing.
Josh Lyman: Campaigning's about promise; governing's about achievement. It's, it's tougher and a lot less romantic, but it's not boring. I already think you're smarter than everyone, that's why I want you down the hall. Come on, it's not like getting a life!
Louise Thornton: That's true, look at you.

"The West Wing: Two Weeks Out (#7.14)" (2006)
Louise Thornton: [Santos has lost his briefcase] There's nothing bad in there?
Josh Lyman: Like?
Louise Thornton: I don't know, heroin, porn?
Josh Lyman: No. That's all mine.

"The West Wing: The Al Smith Dinner (#7.6)" (2005)
Louise Thornton: Let this attack stand and we strip away what's different about Santos: he's a religious Catholic, not another secular Democrat who can be portrayed as hostile to heartland values.
Matthew Santos: Leo?
Leo McGarry: I worry about elevating this, but if the charge sticks it could kill us with values voters and that puts Vinick's nine-point lead in the bank.
Matthew Santos: We hit Vinick and we hit him hard!