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Quotes for
Clark (Character)
from Color of Night (1994)

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Color of Night (1994)
Casey Heinz: [Discussing bob's murder] It wasn't a thief. I'll tell you that right now.
Clark: I agree.
Casey Heinz: I mean why stab a guy thirty times? Bob, he'd piss in his pants if you showed him a knife. You know that?
Sondra Dorio: What are you saying?
Casey Heinz: I'm saying Sondra, that you have to really hate a person to stab him that many times.
Casey Heinz: [to Bill] You're a shrink, right? You know what kind of power people hand over to shrinks. Well, maybe sometimes they hand over more than they want too!
Clark: That is absolutely correct. A thief would not stick around to stab someone thirty times!
Buck: Since when did you become such an expert on robbery?
Sondra Dorio: It's not the robbery he's an expert on. It's the rage!

Dr. Bill Capa: Six weeks ago, I spoke harshly to a patient and she committed suicide. Right in front of me. Perhaps she would have done this anyway. That's what my colleagues say. But I don't know.
Sondra Dorio: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Dr. Bill Capa: And my patient, her name was Michelle, jumped out of a window in my office.
Clark: Oh.
Dr. Bill Capa: So much blood. So red, and I... and right, uh, before my eyes the red, uh, disappeared. Just turned to gray, and so I don't see... red now. But, see, I was her doctor. And I failed. So I cannot help you. I don't think that you want someone like me around right now.
Buck: I think I do.
Richie: Me too.
Casey Heinz: Why don't you give us a try for a month?

Clark: I'm an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Casey Heinz: So what's the problem?