James Stamphill
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James Stamphill (Character)
from Murder in the First (1995)

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Murder in the First (1995)
James Stamphill: Did you kill Rufus McCain?
Henri Young: I was the weapon, but I ain't no killer.

James Stamphill: How do you think the Yankees will do against the Redskins this year?
Henri Young: The Yankees are a baseball team. The Redskins are a football team. Personally, I think the Redskins would kick the shit out of them.

James Stamphill: I will ask you what I want to ask you.
Henri Young: And I answer what I want to answer.
James Stamphill: Fine.
Henri Young: Fine.

James Stamphill: Unlike many men who lived long after, Henry Young did not die in vain. In the end he was not afraid. He lived and he died in triumphed. If only we could all do that.

James Stamphill: [narrating as cold water is poured on Henri] The definition of rehabilitate: To restore to a state of physical, mental, and moral health through treatment and training.

James Stamphill: I was wondering if I could talk to you, sir, about a continuance.
D.A. William McNeil: No.
James Stamphill: You don't understand, sir, he just sits there. I can't even get him to speak.
D.A. William McNeil: Well maybe he's practicing for the gas chamber. Tell him to take deep breaths.

James Stamphill: [murder conviction looming] Mister Young, we have *got* to talk. Would you like a cigarette?
Henri Young: No thanks, that shit'll kill ya.

Judge Clawson: Mr. Stamphill, you are skating on very thin ice.
James Stamphill: Maybe your Honor, but I'd like to get to the other side.

[last lines]
James Stamphill: I became a baseball fan. You did it Henri.

James Stamphill: When you try to win sometimes, you lose sight of th goal.