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Quotes for
Pygar (Character)
from Barbarella (1968)

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Barbarella (1968)
Pygar: An angel does not make love, an angel *is* love.

The Great Tyrant: Tell me, my fancy, fuzzy, freak: What do you think of, when you make love to Barbarella?
Pygar: Make love? I do not understand?
The Great Tyrant: Don't be coy with me, you are in no position. If only you had one eye in your head you would see what a delight I am, my face, my body, all my things are a delight. An exquisite delight.
Pygar: What is it you want?
The Great Tyrant: I shall share my delights with you. You shall make love to me.
Pygar: An angel doesn't make love. An angel is love.
The Great Tyrant: Then you're a dead duck. - Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.

[last lines]
Barbarella: [as Pygar flies away from the ruins of SoGo, with Barbarella under one arm and the Great Tyrant under the other] Pygar! Why did you save her, after all the terrible things she did to you?
Pygar: [serenely] An angel has no memory.

Pygar: You're soft and warm. We're told earth beings are cold.
Barbarella: [smiles] Well... not all of us.

Barbarella: Pygar! What does that say?
Pygar: "Chamber of Ultimate Solution."
Barbarella: I don't like the sound of that.