The Great Tyrant
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The Great Tyrant (Character)
from Barbarella (1968)

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Barbarella (1968)
The Great Tyrant: Hello, pretty pretty.
Barbarella: Hello...
The Great Tyrant: Do you want to come and play with me? For someone like you I charge nothing. You're very pretty, Pretty-Pretty.
Barbarella: My name isn't pretty-pretty, it's Barbarella.

The Great Tyrant: Tell me, my fancy, fuzzy, freak: What do you think of, when you make love to Barbarella?
Pygar: Make love? I do not understand?
The Great Tyrant: Don't be coy with me, you are in no position. If only you had one eye in your head you would see what a delight I am, my face, my body, all my things are a delight. An exquisite delight.
Pygar: What is it you want?
The Great Tyrant: I shall share my delights with you. You shall make love to me.
Pygar: An angel doesn't make love. An angel is love.
The Great Tyrant: Then you're a dead duck. - Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.

The Great Tyrant: So, my pretty-pretty; we meet again.
Barbarella: You! The little one-eyed wench!
The Great Tyrant: You have a good memory, Pretty-Pretty. Yes, sometimes I like to go among my people, be like them, ordinary, 'evil' as you would call it. So, I'm your little one-eyed wench. I'm also the Great Tyrant.
Barbarella: Well, that's nice.
The Great Tyrant: It amuses me immensely! Now, I suppose you're interested in the wereabouts and welfare of a certain party, yes?
Barbarella: Yes, I am. I'm here on the orders of the President of the Republic of Earth. I'm here to find Durand-Durand.
Barbarella: Pygar?
The Great Tyrant: Yes, Pygar. He has escaped the labyrinth. Crime. He has destroyed twelve of my black guards. Crime. And he DARES to deprive me of a pleasure unique in Sogo, an Earthling. Crime! Crime!
Barbarella: Where is Pygar?
The Great Tyrant: You want your fine-feathered friend? There he is.
Barbarella: Pygar!

The Great Tyrant: Vade retro, Earth girl! I know you don't really exist.
Barbarella: That may be true, Your Majesty, but let's just stick to what we see.

Barbarella: [holding a ray pistol to the Great Tyrant's head] De-crucify the angel!
The Great Tyrant: What?
Barbarella: De-crucify him or I'll melt your face!

The Great Tyrant: The Mathmos has created this bubble to protect itself from your innocence.
The Great Tyrant: You are so good you made the Mathmos vomit!

The Great Tyrant: Amusing, isn't it, Pretty-Pretty? Don't you feel like playing? Pretty-Pretty, you can play with us, if you want.
Barbarella: Yes. Why not?
The Great Tyrant: Good, Pretty-Pretty.

The Great Tyrant: Why don't you give him a mouth-to-mouth?
Barbarella: I have a better idea.