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Judy Bernly (Character)
from 9 to 5 (1980)

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9 to 5 (1980)
Violet: Oh, God. They know about the rat poison. I might as well just turn myself in.
Doralee: Violet, it was an accident.
Violet: I'm a murderer.
Judy: No, you're not.
Violet: I'm a murderess. I'm gonna go to the pen. My poor kids. I'm gonna lose my job.
Judy: Violet, stop this.
Violet: I'm no fool. I've killed the boss, you think they're not gonna fire me for a thing like that?

Franklin M. Hart Jr.: [Judy's fantasy - she's a big game hunter and Hart is the prey] Judy? Judy, you've got to help me; that mob out there is crazy; they're trying to kill me!
Judy: Now, why would they want ot do a nasty little thing like that?
Franklin M. Hart Jr.: I don't know! I'm not such a bad guy!
Judy: You're a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.
Franklin M. Hart Jr.: So I have a few faults; who doesn't? Is that any reason to kill me?
Judy: You're foul, Hart. A wart on the nose of humanity and I'm going to blast it off.
[she points her shotgun at him]
Franklin M. Hart Jr.: [giggling nervously] Judy... Judy... Judy...
Judy: Goodbye boss man. It's quittin' time.

Violet: One thing you should know about dear old Roz... She's the eyes, ears, nose, and throat of Mr. Hart. Anything she hears, he hears.
Judy: You mean she's a... a company spy?
Violet: I wouldn't exactly say that, I'd just say that if you want to gossip in the ladies' room, I'd check under the stalls, first, for her shoes.

Violet: What could we use to keep Hart quiet?
Judy: Blackmail?
Violet: Blackmail, oh that sounds good! What could we get on him...?
Judy: A sex scandal! Take a picture of him in bed with a prositute.
Doralee: No, who'd care?
Violet: Yeah, Hart would just buy up all the copies and then distribute them as Christmas cards.

Judy: [to her ex-husband] Hit the road, buster, This is where you get off!

Dick Bernly: [after seeing Hart tied up and drawing the wrong conclusion] So! This is what you're into now? Bondage!
Judy: What's that?
Dick Bernly: Bondage, S&M, sex games!
Judy: [thinking fast] Uh... that's right! All of it, I'm into... everything. Now, get out of here!
Dick Bernly: Who was that guy?
Judy: He's my boss.
Dick Bernly: Your boss? You're having an affair with your boss? Isn't that typical!
Judy: Just like you had an affair with your secretary!
Dick Bernly: But, Judy, you can't do this! This isn't you!
Judy: Don't you tell me what I can or can't do! Those days are over! And if I want to have an affair, or play sex games, or do M&M's, you can't stop me!
Dick Bernly: M&M's?

Judy: What did you say it was called?
[Passes joint to Violet]
Violet: Maui Wowee!
Judy: Well, I love it!
Violet: It's *primo!*

Judy: [the girls have stolen the wrong body from the hospital] Oh, this is terrible. It's so improper. It's so disrespectful!
Violet: He's dead! He doesn't mind!

Doralee: [stepping out from behind the car after seeing that the wrong corpse is in the trunk of the car] Uh, Judy? Would you come back here for a second?
Judy: What?
Doralee: Look.
Judy: Who's that?
Doralee: I don't know.
Judy: Where's Hart?
Doralee: I don't know.
Judy: Oh, my God, you mean she... OH MY GOD!
Doralee: [stepping out from beind the car] Violet, honey, would you come over here for a second?
Violet: What is the matter with you two? We have got to get the - who is that?

[Violet, planning to get rid of a dead corpse from the hospital that she thinks is Hart's body, drives crazily and speeds along the highway with Doralee and Judy in the car with her]
Judy Bernly: Where's the body?
Violet Newstead: In the trunk! Look, all we have to do is get some cement blocks, chain them to his feet and pitch him off the end of the pier, and no one will ever know.
Doralee Rhodes: You are crazy! They'll find it, they always find it!
Violet Newstead: Oh-hoh, crazy am I? They never found Jimmy Hoffa!

Judy: You gave me your word that you wouldn't escape if I loosened the ropes.
Franklin M. Hart Jr.: I lied!

[the captive Franklin Hart, tied down to his bed, has just been informed by the ladies about finding a company owned warehouse empty]
Franklin M. Hart Jr.: An empty warehouse? What's wrong with that?
Violet: That's what Billy Sol Estes said, and they gave him 15 years for embezzlement.
Judy: That warehouse is supposed to be filled with inventory from Consolidated.
Doralee: But you sold all of it, and you pocketed the money.
Franklin M. Hart Jr.: You'll never be able to prove that.
Violet: Well, I am going to order the inventory invoices from the head office in New York on Monday. When they arrive by the end of the week, I think you'll see the light.
Franklin M. Hart Jr.: [getting angry] Start tangling with me and you'd better be prepared to play very rough. If you think I am going to be intimidated or stopped by you three dim-witted broads you're mistaken! No woman takes me on and gets away with it! I'm gonna get loose. I'm gonna get loose even if I have to kill one of you to do it! I will not hesitate to kill a woman!