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Quotes for
Tahei (Character)
from The Hidden Fortress (1958)

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The Hidden Fortress (1958)
[first lines]
Tahei: Get away from me! You stink of dead bodies!
Matakishi: Give it up. We both stink of dead bodies. And it's all your fault!

[last lines]
Tahei: [Tahei hands Matakishi a piece of gold] You take this.
Matakishi: No, you keep it.
Tahei: But...
Matakishi: Don't worry about it.
[they both laugh]

Tahei: [the two men rest against a wall of dirt from digging in the hidden fortress, Matashichi's leg over Tahei's. Tahei kicks it away] What are you doing? Don't touch me, fool! lt's uncomfortable enough.
Matakishi: [Kicks Tahei's leg] lt's your face that makes me uncomfortable.
Tahei: Leave my face alone!
[He starts blinking the sweat away profusely]
Matakishi: l hate the way you blink all the time.
[Tahei continues blinking]
Matakishi: There you go again.
Tahei: Shut up! Put your filthy teeth away!
[He begins prodding at Matashichi with an oar]
Tahei: Show them to me once more and l'll bash them in!
[Matashichi lunges with a fork, its prongs landing right near Tahei's head. Tahei starts blubbering]
Tahei: l'm quitting! This is idiotic! l dig and dig and nothing!

Tahei: [Holding onto Matashichi as the escaping, rioting prisoners run past] Matashichi, this is hell!
Matakishi: Let's die together.

Tahei: If we want to get rid of him, now's our chance.
Matakishi: Shhh.
[He points at Princess Yuki sitting right behind them]
Tahei: Don't worry. She's mute.
Matakishi: She's mute but she can hear.
Tahei: Stupid. A mute can't speak because they're deaf.