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Quotes for
Vera (Character)
from Vera Drake (2004)

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Vera Drake (2004)
Vera: I help girls out.

Vera: I know why you're here.
Det. Inspector Webster: I beg your pardon?
Vera: I know why you're here.
Det. Inspector Webster: Why are we here?
Vera: Because of what I do.
Det. Inspector Webster: Because of what you do?
Vera: Yes.
Det. Inspector Webster: What is it that you do, Mrs Drake?
[long pause]
Vera: I help young girls out.

[first lines]
Vera: Hello George, only me. How are you going today?

Vera: I reckon that Reg would make a good husband to some nice girl.
Stan: Where's a bloke like that gonna meet someone?

Vera: Oh, good morning Mrs. Fowler.
Mrs. Fowler: Good morning Mrs. Drake.
Vera: Am I in your way here? Lost something?

Vera: [to Very Young Woman] Right then dear, first thing we've got to do is put the kettle on.

[repeated line]
Vera: Right dear, you're gonna have to take your knickers off.

Vera: Hello George. Oh, hello Peggy, are you off work today?
George: [to Peggy] Sit up then.
Vera: Oh, she's all right, George, bless her. This has slipped a bit. I hope she isn't taken bad again, is she? Well I'll make a fresh pot of tea. And you'll want a biscuit Peggy, I shouldn't wonder.

Vera: [to Jamaican Girl] What you need now is a nice, hot cup of tea. Take care, dear. Ta dah.

Lily: How did that go the other week?
Vera: Same as usual.
Lily: Nervous little thing wasn't she?
Vera: I know. I put her right. Set her mind at rest.
Lily: You always do, don't ya?

Det. Inspector Webster: You perform abortions, don't you?
Vera: That's not what I do dear. That's what you call it. But they need help. Who else they got to turn to? No one. I help them out.

Vera: Can you come back tomorrow?
Det. Inspector Webster: I'm sorry Mrs. Drake, I'm afraid not.