Randall Flagg
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Randall Flagg (Character)
from "The Stand" (1994)

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"The Stand: The Stand (#1.4)" (1994)
Nadine Cross: I waited so long.
Randall Flagg: The waiting's over.

Glen Bateman: You're quite a piece of work Mr Cockroach. We could learn a lesson from you, especially in light of recent events. I have an idea come this time tomorrow I'll be gone, but you'll still be trucking, running little roach errands.
Randall Flagg: [stomps on the roach] That's a wrap on the roach.

Randall Flagg: [threatening Dayna Jurgens] You tell me what I wanna know. Before I'm through with you, you'll BEG to tell me!

Randall Flagg: Just one more thing... the moon man, dear. Who is he?
Dayna Jurgens: I don't know.
Randall Flagg: I think you do.
Dayna Jurgens: No, really, I don't know. I didn't even know about the Judge, until I heard Lloyd talking about him with some guy in Idaho.
Randall Flagg: That makes perfect sense. Nevertheless you DO know. You know and you'll tell me, do you understand?
Dayna Jurgens: Why don't YOU know? Why don't you know already?
Randall Flagg: I DON'T KNOW!

Nadine Cross: They're coming for you, you know. The old woman sent them before she died.
Randall Flagg: Get your ass back in here.
Nadine Cross: Everything you've made here is falling apart. They're saying a simple retarded boy outwitted Randall Flagg. They're saying Judge Ferris got away from your men in Idaho.
Randall Flagg: He's as dead as Judas Iscariot.
Nadine Cross: They're asking questions about Dayna too it's all slipping through your fingers. And they're whispering, Randy, I can see them, leaving their posts in the dead of night and your eye can't see them. And when they come here, Stu, and Ralph, and Glen, and La... when they get here, your time will end, and I'll be watching, I'll be watching from Hell with your baby in my arms.

"The Stand: The Dreams (#1.2)" (1994)
Randall Flagg: Pleased to meet you, Lloyd. Hope you guessed my name.
Lloyd Henreid: Huh?
Randall Flagg: Oh. Nothing. Just a little classical reference.

Randall Flagg: Liars sit in chairs, you know. Truth tellers just sort of hunker down.

Randall Flagg: [seeing the dead rat under Lloyd's pillow] Bre'er Rat. How'd he taste?

"The Stand: The Plague (#1.1)" (1994)
Randall Flagg: Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub.