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Stu Redman (Character)
from "The Stand" (1994)

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"The Stand: The Plague (#1.1)" (1994)
Stu Redman: Country don't mean dumb.

Dr. Dietz: Patty Greer says you've given her quite a bit of trouble, she's quite upset.
Stu Redman: Well, that makes two of us. Being hijacked by a bunch of government sons of bitches in space suits does that to me every time. So if you don't want to see how quick I can rip a hole in that thing 'fore you can get outta here, you better give me a little information. You tell me why I'm not sick.

Stu Redman: Where's your buddy, Denninger?
Dr. Dietz: [points a gun at Stu] Well, he's dead... They're all dead, everybody except for me and thee.
Stu Redman: And you're here to take care of me. Is that it?
Dr. Dietz: Hole in one!
Stu Redman: Why?
Dr. Dietz: Why? Because I've decided a piece of country fried crap like you doesn't deserve to live, not with so many good men dying.
Stu Redman: Those "good men"... caused this mess!

Stu Redman: I was faking.

[Stu is lazily listening to the old men chatter at Hap's gas station when he sees a car driving crazily toward them in the night]
Stu Redman: Hap. Hap! Shut off the pumps!
[Campion's car smashes into the gas pumps]

[to a military doctor]
Stu Redman: I ain't gonna resist. Country don't mean dumb.

Stu Redman: I think we're in big trouble.

Stu Redman: Well, say... if it isn't the man with the little clipboard and the armed escort.
[Stu approaches Dr. Denninger to shake his hand]
Dr. Herbert Denninger: No, no, n-no, no, we don't shake hands here, just a precaution, hmm.
Stu Redman: A precaution, uh-huh.
Dr. Herbert Denninger: Natty Greer says you've given her quite a bit of trouble. She's quite upset!
Stu Redman: Well, that makes two of us! Being hijacked by a bunch of government sons-a-bitches in space-suits does that to me every time! So, if you don't wanna see how quick I can rip a hole in that thing 'fore you can get outa here, you're gonna give me a little information. You tell me why I'm not sick!
Dr. Herbert Denninger: Mr. Redman, I hardly think that...
Stu Redman: Talk to me, dammit!
Dr. Herbert Denninger: I'm sorry, but you...
[Stu grabs Dr. Denninger]
Dr. Herbert Denninger: ... Mr. Redman, be reasonable.
Stu Redman: Just get outa here, ya little weasel!... You send me someone who'll give me some answers!
Dr. Herbert Denninger: I don't think that you quite appreciate your position, Mr. Redman!
Stu Redman: You're wrong about that... I do... go on, get out!

"The Stand: The Dreams (#1.2)" (1994)
Stu Redman: [on surprising Glen] I'm a friend.
Glen Bateman: [eying Stu's M16] I certainly hope so.
Stu Redman: [holding up the gun] Think of it as home defense... while on the road.

Stu Redman: Going to Stovington would be a waste of your time.
Harold Lauder: [scoffs] I hardly think you're the best judge of that.
Glen Bateman: He was there, and he knows, they tried to kill him.

Glen Bateman: Kojak, say hello to Stuart Redmen,
Glen Bateman: worthless dog.
Stu Redman: Don't be too hard on him, he's the first dog I've seen in... well, since about the third week in June.

Harold Lauder: [drinking beer] Not bad, it's cold.
Stu Redman: Enjoy it while it lasts, I have a feeling there's going to be a shortage of cold beer this summer.

Stu Redman: We'll try to find the old black woman, assuming she's real...
Glen Bateman: Folks around these parts call me Mother Abigail, I'm 106 years old and I still make my own bread.
Stu Redman: That's her.

"The Stand: The Betrayal (#1.3)" (1994)
Stu Redman: [Tom is hypnotized] Tom, are you asleep?
Tom Cullen: Yes, Tom's asleep.
Tom Cullen: Rock a bye baby.

Susan Stern: You're the perfect American male, Stu, we get the power back on and you decide to barbecue.
Stu Redman: Yeah, soon as they bring back pork rinds and Monday night football, I'm in redneck heaven.

Glen Bateman: Nick's proposal is that we send at least 3 people west to Las Vegas, which we all feel is this Flagg's base of operations. The purpose is to try and find out what Flagg's plans are for us. Anyone want to kick it around a little bit?
Larry Underwood: We haven't even been elected for one whole day yet and we've managed to reinvent the CIA. Who needs Monday Night Football?
Ralph Brentner: Well what the hell else we gonna do? All he needs is one guy to target some scud missile with an a-bomb on it.
Larry Underwood: And if he's got one, what then?
Stu Redman: Somebody will have to try and stop him from using it.

Susan Stern: If I can't go, what about asking Dayna?
Larry Underwood: You can't be serious.
Stu Redman: Well you better get serious.
Larry Underwood: I can't believe we're doing this!
Stu Redman: Hey, if you didn't want to get your hands dirty, you should've stayed off the committee in the first place. We're probably sending people off to get killed. Yeah that's right, making decisions like that is what being in charge is all about, either grow up and do it or get out!
Larry Underwood: ...You're awful cute when you're angry, Stu.

"The Stand: The Stand (#1.4)" (1994)
Teddy Weizak: I don't know how to tell you this, Stu, but...
Stu Redman: What is it?
Teddy Weizak: The baby's come early, and it's got the flu.