Joel Cobb
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Joel Cobb (Character)
from Thumbsucker (2005)

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Thumbsucker (2005)
[Joel works out stretching in front of his bedroom mirror when Justin walks in]
Joel Cobb: What?
Justin Cobb: Nothing. Ass.
Joel Cobb: Be quiet.
Justin Cobb: Joel.
Joel Cobb: Yeah?
Justin Cobb: I always kinda thought Audrey was gonna leave Mike.
Joel Cobb: They couldn't be apart.
Justin Cobb: But is that love?
Joel Cobb: I don't know.
Justin Cobb: Well, don't you ever think about this stuff? Doesn't it ever freak you out?
Joel Cobb: Everything freaks you out.
Justin Cobb: You don't even care. You have it so easy, Joel.
Joel Cobb: I hate it when you say shit like that.
Justin Cobb: Like what?
Joel Cobb: Like you're the only one with problems. You ever think maybe you're so busy being weird, that I have to step up and be normal? Everyone's worried about you. All the bullshit you get yourself into.
Justin Cobb: Why didn't you ever just say anything? I'm sorry.

[Justin draws while his little brother Joel bothers him with questions about girls]
Joel Cobb: You never even had a girlfriend.
Justin Cobb: So what?
Joel Cobb: You don't even hang out with girls. You just, like, hang out with your nerdy friends.
Justin Cobb: No, I - I do hang out with girls.
Joel Cobb: Really? But how come you never bring any over here? Or I never, like, see you walking with any, or anything? I just see you walking by yourself.
Justin Cobb: Why do you care, Joel?
Joel Cobb: I don't know. 'Cause I'm bored. All the guys in your grade have probably fucked girls. You haven't even kissed one.
Justin Cobb: Leave.
Joel Cobb: No.

[Justin and his little brother Joel both walk to the bike race that Dr. Perry is a contestant in, to make Perry crash his bicycle by holding up animal photos crossed with red X's]
Joel Cobb: This is gonna be stupid. I thought you liked that guy.
Justin Cobb: He just pretended to be my friend, Joel. If you're scared, you can go home.
Joel Cobb: All right.
Justin Cobb: Joel! I'm sorry, okay? Perry fucked me up.
Joel Cobb: How?
Justin Cobb: He said he'd help me. And then he just fucked me up, okay? Joel. Just this once! Please.
Joel Cobb: Goddamn it.