Mike Cobb
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Mike Cobb (Character)
from Thumbsucker (2005)

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Thumbsucker (2005)
[Justin tells his father at work that he was accepted into college]
Mike Cobb: Well, you know, what does it mean?
Justin Cobb: It means I want to go.
Mike Cobb: Just like that?
Justin Cobb: They want me to go to their summer-school thing. They want me to make up some math and language credits this summer.
[long pause]
Mike Cobb: [quiet, and sad Mike says] I was just getting used to you.
Mike Cobb: [stands up after another pause and taps on his work desk] I gotta go deal with this shipment.
[Mike stares at Justin before padding his head and walking out]

Mike Cobb: I... I never know what you two are thinking.

[Mike and Audrey Cobb lay in bed together discussing the sudden success of Justin in his debating skills]
Audrey Cobb: You know, you should see him. He wears this tie.
Audrey Cobb: It's important to be supportive. And seen.
Mike Cobb: Can't believe it was almost easier when he was always fucking up.
Audrey Cobb: Yeah.
Mike Cobb: He looks like he thinks he's smarter than me.
Audrey Cobb: Well, maybe that's the way it goes.