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Quotes for
Piero (Character)
from L'Eclisse (1962)

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L'Eclisse (1962)
Piero: You mind telling me what's wrong?
Vittoria: Nothing! Let's walk a bit.

Piero: You don't know me, but I know you. How are you?

Vittoria's Mother: [At The Borsa] See how well Rumianca's doing?
Piero: Must have invented a new soap for the bidet.

Piero: What are you writing?
Vittoria: I'm translating some Spanish.
Piero: How do you say "I want to come up" in Spanish?
Vittoria: You say, "You can't". Tough language, isn't it?

Vittoria: What did you do last night?
Piero: I had dinner with seven or eight billion lira.
Vittoria: Or was it a call girl?
Piero: Who has time to go out with call girls? I'm the call girl.

Piero: Vittoria? Vittoria, may I come in?
Vittoria: No, you can't come in.

Piero: I feel like I'm in a foreign country.
Vittoria: Funny. That's how I feel around you.

Piero: We'll see each other tomorrow. We'll see each other tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
Vittoria: And the day after that and the next.
Piero: And the day after that.
Vittoria: And tonight.