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Quotes for
Grace Stalker (Character)
from Arizona Dream (1993)

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Arizona Dream (1993)
Grace Stalker: Life is beautiful.
Axel Blackmar: [referring to giving her mother a plane] I think what you did is beautiful.

Axel Blackmar: [Grace and Axel are wrapping presents for Elaine's birthday] I was thinking about what you said.
Grace Stalker: What did I say?
Axel Blackmar: That... I was supposed to be with you.
Grace Stalker: Could you hand me that tape?
Axel Blackmar: You know... when I first met her, I felt something kind of strong. I didn't know what it was, I didn't know what to call it. Now everything is kinda turned around and she's like a... she's like this cloud... that I can see through. And on the other side, I see you. And I feel something very strong. I think I know what to call it now.
Axel Blackmar: Does that make any sense?
Grace Stalker: Could you put your finger here for a second?

Axel Blackmar: What do you think?
Grace Stalker: About what?
Axel Blackmar: About us kind of belonging together?
Grace Stalker: What about this lamp? You think Paul will like this lamp?
Axel Blackmar: Yea, he'll-he'll love it. What do you think?
Grace Stalker: I think two wrong don't make a right.
Axel Blackmar: Meaning what?
Grace Stalker: Meaning us: two wrongs.
Axel Blackmar: What if we're not? What if we're two rights and everybody else is wrong?
Grace Stalker: Either way we're gonna be screwed, Axel.
Axel Blackmar: But at least we can be screwed together.

Grace Stalker: I'm not going to die. I'm going to live forever until one day I'll wake up and I'll be a turtle.