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Emmett Quincy (Character)
from True Grit (1969)

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True Grit (2010)
Rooster Cogburn: [outside the cabin] Who is in there?
Emmett Quincy: [from inside the cabin] A Methodist and a son of a bitch!

Emmett Quincy: [to Mattie] Who worked you over with the ugly stick?

Emmett Quincy: Don't you go flappin' your gums, Moon! If you blow, I will kill you!
Moon: I'm played out, Quincy! We seen Ned and Hayes two days ago...
[Quincy draws a boot knife and cuts Moon's fingers off, then stabs him in the heart. Rooster immediately shoots Quincy in the face]
Rooster Cogburn: Goddamn it.

True Grit (1969)
Rooster Cogburn: When's the last time you saw Ned Pepper?
Emmett Quincy: I don't remember any Ned Pepper.
Rooster Cogburn: Short feisty fella, nervous and quick, got a messed-up lower lip.
Emmett Quincy: That don't bring nobody to mind. A funny lip?
Rooster Cogburn: Wasn't always like that, I shot him in it.
Emmett Quincy: In the lower lip? What was you aiming at?
Rooster Cogburn: His upper lip.