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Quotes for
David (Character)
from Through a Glass Darkly (1961)

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Through a Glass Darkly (1961)
David: Virility means more than health.
Martin: If Hemingway could, we can. Let's go!

David: We draw a magic circle and shut out everything that doesn't agree with our secret games. Each time life breaks the circle, the games turn grey and ridiculous. Then we draw a new circle and build a new defense.
Karin: Poor little daddy.
David: Yes, poor little daddy, forced to live in reality.

Fredrik: Father, I'm scared. When I was hugging Karin in the boat, reality was revealed. Do you know what I mean?
David: I do.
Fredrik: Reality was revealed, and I collapsed. It's like a dream. Anything can happen. Anything.
David: I know.
Fredrik: I can't live in this new world.
David: Yes, you can. But you must have a support.
Fredrik: What kind of support? You mean a God? Give me a proof of his existance. You can't.
David: I can. But you gotta pay attention to what I say.
Fredrik: Yes. I need to listen.
David: I can only tell you a thought of my own hopes. It is to know that love exists for real in the human world.
Fredrik: A sort of special love, I suppose?
David: All kinds of it. The bigger and the smaller, the most absurd one and the most sublime one. All kinds of love.
Fredrik: What about the desire for love?
David: Desire and denying. Trust and distrust.
Fredrik: Then love is the proof?
David: I don't know if love is the proof of God's existance or if it's God itself.
Fredrik: To you, love and God are the same thing.
David: That thought makes me feel less empty; Makes my desperation less worse.
Fredrik: Go on, dad.
David: All of a sudden, emptiness turns into abundance, and desperation turns into life. It's like a temporary death's sentence strike.
Fredrik: Dad... if it's like how you say it is, then God is all over Karin. We love her so much.
David: Yes.
Fredrik: Can't that help her?
David: I think so.