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Quotes for
George Berger (Character)
from Hair (1979)

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Hair (1979)
Berger, Hud, Woof: [in song] Hair like Jesus wore it. Hallelujah! I adore it! Hallelujah! Mary loved her son. Why don't my mother love me?

Berger: Where you from?
Claude Bukowski: Oklahoma.
Jeannie: listen man I know what how it feels, I used to come from Kansas myself.

Woof, Hud, Berger: [singing] Oh say, can you see my eyes? If you can, then my hair's too short.

Steve: We'll have it
[the money]
Steve: for you at four o'clock.
Berger: See, that's just what my other problem is, man.
Steve: What?
Berger: You're full of shit.
[Sheila laughs]

Berger: Bukowski!
Claude Bukowski: Yes, Sergeant!
Berger: Let's move it out!
Claude Bukowski: Yes, Sergeant!
Berger: Double time, soldier.
Claude Bukowski: Yes, Sergeant!
Claude Bukowski: Sir?
Berger: In the car, soldier!
Claude Bukowski: Yes, Sergeant!
Berger: Are you an asshole, soldier?
Claude Bukowski: No, Sergeant!
Berger: That's too bad, because I am.

Berger: What do you say, Pop?
Mrs. Berger, George's Mother: What do you say what?
Mr. Berger, George's Father: If you need money, get a job.
Mrs. Berger, George's Mother: Money? You're talking about money? What you need money for?
Berger: Nothin', Ma, I just need it.
Mrs. Berger, George's Mother: Who is she?
Berger: Who is who?
Mrs. Berger, George's Mother: The girl. Who is the girl?
Berger: What are you talkin' about? There's no girl.
Mrs. Berger, George's Mother: Who is the girl? You can tell us everything, we understand everything! Tell us the truth!
Berger: What are you talkin' about, tell you the truth?
Mr. Berger, George's Father: Goddammit, every time you come home there's trouble. Why don't you clean yourself up a bit? Why don't you get a haircut? Get a haircut and I'll give you the money, you don't even have to pay it back.
Berger: [angry] You'll give me the money if I get a haircut?
Mrs. Berger, George's Mother: [to Berger] Give me your pants!
Berger: The pants are clean!
Mrs. Berger, George's Mother: Give me your pants!
Berger: [yelling] Why? They're clean, for Christ's sake!
[Mom gets upset and walks away; Berger follows her into the hallway]
Mrs. Berger, George's Mother: [softly] How much you need?