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Sir Roger Daggenhurst (Character)
from The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997)

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The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997)
Hawkins: Spencer, did you flush?
Wallace: I think she's gonna do that, don't you, pal? I'll ask her. Lori!
Hawkins: [Quietly to Daggenhurst] He's talking to her!
Sir Roger Daggenhurst: She's still in the bowl?
Hawkins: Maybe he tried to flush her, but she floated back up!
Sir Roger Daggenhurst: Tell him to flush her! Spencer knows how to deal with floaters.

Sir Roger Daggenhurst: What are you doing with one of our communicators, Cochran?
Chief Insp. Cockburn: This man refused to provide me with any identification.
Sir Roger Daggenhurst: Of course he didn't provide you with any identification. He's a secret agent.

Wallace: [a constable asks Wallace to see his license after a high speed chase] No, you may not! But I do have this nifty communicator with which you can speak directly to my superiors.
Wallace: [On the communicator/cigarette case] Breaker, breaker, come on back to that big ol' HQ, come on back to me.
Sir Roger Daggenhurst: Who is this?
Wallace: This is Spencer.
Sir Roger Daggenhurst: So you're still using that name, are you?
Wallace: Well, I figured I would until 11:30.
Sir Roger Daggenhurst: [to his assistant] How he mocks us.