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Nurse Shirley (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: The Miracle Worker (#5.10)" (1998)
Nurse Shirley: Are those baked beans?
Dr. Peter Benton: Yeah, and french fries. Oh.
Nurse Shirley: Ooh, that's rank.
Dr. Peter Benton: What's this? Coleslaw. Ah, here's a good one, what is that? Mystery meat?
Dr. Robert Romano: What the hell do you think you're doing operating on my patient?
Dr. Peter Benton: [to Romano] Saving his life.
[to himself]
Dr. Peter Benton: You jerk.
Dr. Robert Romano: Get me a gown and gloves now! And Peter get your hands out of my patient.
Dr. Peter Benton: Okay, give me a little suction here.
Nurse Shirley: Sucker's clogged.
Dr. Peter Benton: Yeah, it's a cranberry.
Dr. Robert Romano: Gloves Shirley, gloves.
[Enters OR]
Dr. Robert Romano: Where the hell is she?
Dr. Peter Benton: Who?
Dr. Robert Romano: Who do you think? What d'you do, give her extra work to hang her up here?
Dr. Peter Benton: I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.
Dr. Robert Romano: Step away.
Dr. Peter Benton: Alright.
[He does so]
Dr. Robert Romano: Who gave you permission to start without me?
Dr. Peter Benton: He was going into septic shock.
Dr. Robert Romano: You are a resident Peter, you don't take a piss without getting permission. And where the hell's Lizzie, off doing your scut?
Dr. Peter Benton: She left an hour ago.
Dr. Robert Romano: What the hell d'you use to make this incision, a chainsaw?
Nurse Shirley: [to Benton] He's been drinking.
Dr. Peter Benton: What?
Nurse Shirley: He's drunk.
Dr. Peter Benton: Go, call Anspaugh now.

"ER: Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies (#3.9)" (1996)
[Dr. Benton is talking to himself, preparing for surgery]
Dr. Peter Benton: Meckel's is like a rose-colored index finger protruding from the antimesenteric border.
Nurse Shirley: Then you bake it in a 400-degree oven for an hour...
Dr. Peter Benton: It can occasionally attach itself to the umbilical area, producing a fistula, which is, uh...
Nurse Shirley: Fresh rosemary, a little pepper...
Dr. Peter Benton: a... uh, pipe connecting Meckel's to the outside world.
Nurse Shirley: A clove of garlic under the skin...
Dr. Peter Benton: [annoyed, to Shirley] You know, excuse me, I'm trying to visualize here.