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Nurse Dawn Archer (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Heart of the Matter (#13.6)" (2006)
Dr. Gregory Pratt: Dawn, meet Josie Weller.
Josie Weller: Delightful to meet you! I've been so looking forward to this day!
Nurse Dawn Archer: We're going to radiology, not Disneyland.
Josie Weller: Marvelous squared!

"ER: In a Different Light (#14.2)" (2007)
Nurse Samantha Taggart: A toast: to meeting nice guys.
Nurse Chuny Marquez: To falling in love.
Nurse Dawn Archer: To sex without batteries.

"ER: The Beginning of the End (#15.16)" (2009)
Nurse Dawn Archer: What are you doing?
Dr. Tracy Martin: Oh, nothing, just drilling into the brain.
Nurse Dawn Archer: Good luck with that.

"ER: From Here to Paternity (#13.17)" (2007)
Dr. Archie Morris: Please tell Mr. Morales that there are things that he can buy that won't get, uh, stuck up there. You know, like a wide base, or a string attached.
Nurse Dawn Archer: My Spanish definitely ain't that good.
Dr. Archie Morris: Uh, Señor.
[gesturing to his behind]
Dr. Archie Morris: Este una salida! No entrada!