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Michael Gallant (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Secrets and Lies (#8.16)" (2002)
Michael Gallant: We were told to report to room 224 at 0800. I'm here, and I'm gonna stay here until someone in charge tells me to do otherwise. And I suggest you all do the same.
Dr. John Carter: 0800? This ain't the Marines, Gallant. At ease.

Michael Gallant: What does your dad do, Dr. Lewis?
Dr. Susan Lewis: My dad?
Michael Gallant: Yeah.
Dr. Susan Lewis: He's a test pilot for Barcalounger.

Michael Gallant: Dr. Carter.
Dr. John Carter: What?
Michael Gallant: What does your dad do?
Dr. Susan Lewis: Spends the family trust fund.

"ER: Walk Like a Man (#9.4)" (2002)
Dr. Kerry Weaver: You hit another doctor?
Michael Gallant: Yeah, Dr. Pratt.
Dr. Kerry Weaver: Oh. Well in that case, I'll overlook it.

Dr. Kerry Weaver: You hit another doctor?
Michael Gallant: Yeah, I hit Pratt
Dr. Kerry Weaver: Well, in that case I'll overlook it

"ER: Back in the World (#11.17)" (2005)
Dr. Michael Gallant: [regarding Neela's dinner outfit] If that's your deep-dish outfit, I'm glad I didn't say French food.

"ER: Next of Kin (#9.9)" (2002)
Michael Gallant: Dr. Lewis.
Dr. Susan Lewis: I used to think that would be so cool to hear, "Dr. Lewis."

"ER: Brothers and Sisters (#8.19)" (2002)
Dr. Gregory Pratt: You can do the rectal.
Michael Gallant: The rectal?
Dr. John Carter: Play nice, kids. Don't make me stop this trauma.