Nurse Haleh Adams
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Nurse Haleh Adams (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Such Sweet Sorrow (#6.21)" (2000)
Nurse Abby Lockhart: How long was I out?
Nurse Haleh Adams: About 20 minutes.
Nurse Abby Lockhart: Oh, that must be why I feel so refreshed. So, is this a med student hazing thing, or do you just hate me?
Nurse Haleh Adams: You're younger than us, prettier than us, and skinnier than us.
Nurse Lydia Wright: We hate you.

Nurse Chuny Marquez: I heard Mark's coming back today.
Nurse Haleh Adams: Thank God. If Weaver gets any nastier, we're gonna have to call Animal Control.

"ER: Shifting Equilibrium (#15.20)" (2009)
Nurse Haleh Adams: Did that soft collar come down from central?
Frank Martin: Yes.
Nurse Haleh Adams: Were you going to tell me, or keep me waiting?
Frank Martin: I forgot! So shoot me!
Nurse Haleh Adams: Don't tempt me.

"ER: Do One, Teach One, Kill One (#2.3)" (1995)
Nurse Haleh Adams: I've known Mark Greene since he was a wet-behind-the-ears med student. He had the most beautiful curly blond hair, and so polite. All I'd do was ask and he would be cleaning the bedpans and changing the sheets. He was the best scut-puppy I ever had.
Nurse Wendy Goldman: So would you say that, back then, he was sort of 'green'?
Nurse Haleh Adams: No, Wendy, I would never say that.

"ER: Homeless for the Holidays (#3.10)" (1996)
[Mark is trying to feed a patient's dog a donut]
Nurse Haleh Adams: No good?
Dr. Mark Greene: No, and I've tried PB&J, cookies, fruitcake...
Randi Fronczak: Nobody likes fruitcake.
Dr. Mark Greene: I thought dogs ate everything.
Randi Fronczak: Why don't you take him down to the morgue and have him beg for some table scraps.
[Mark's beeper goes off]
Dr. Mark Greene: That's Mr. Collins. Maybe he knows what you like to eat.
[Mark reaches out to pet the dog, and the dog snaps and growls at him]
Nurse Haleh Adams: I think he likes you.

"ER: Blame It on the Rain (#12.4)" (2005)
Nurse Haleh Adams: What is that rain turns the residents in this city into idiots?

"ER: 24 Hours (#1.1)" (1994)
Dr. Peter Benton: Do we have anybody to sew up?
Nurse Haleh Adams: How would I know?
Dr. Peter Benton: Ya know, I love this great spirit of camaraderie, everybody wants to help, you know?

"ER: The Show Must Go On (#11.22)" (2005)
Nurse Haleh Adams: Lucky for us. Interns bounce.

"ER: The Book of Abby (#15.3)" (2008)
[about the wall with departed staff's locker labels]
Dr. Abby Lockhart: I don't see Carter up there.
Nurse Haleh Adams: He wouldn't do it. He said it was defacing government property.

"ER: Union Station (#3.8)" (1996)
[Lydia places a large box on the desk of the nurses' station]
Dr. Susan Lewis: Hey, what's in the box? Bridal shop?
Nurse Haleh Adams: Did you and Al finally set the date?
Nurse Lydia Wright: No, the opposite.
Nurse Connie Oligario: She broke off with Al.
Nurse Lydia Wright: I'm returning this ridiculous fake virgin outfit, and they'd better not offer me store credit!

"ER: The Test (#14.6)" (2007)
[about working nights]
Dr. Skye Wexler: It's much better than being stuck in a hospital all day when it's beautiful outside.
Frank Martin: I hear you. I'm a big hiker, myself.
Nurse Haleh Adams: You bump your head?