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David Greene (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Great Expectations (#6.8)" (1999)
[about Elizabeth]
Rachel Greene: Is she pretty?
Dr. Mark Greene: Yes, she's pretty.
Rachel Greene: Prettier than Cynthia?
Dr. Mark Greene: Different kind of pretty.
David Greene: Beauty is overrated.
Dr. Mark Greene: I said she's pretty. Jeez.

Dr. Elizabeth Corday: The British were fighting the Germans 3 years before the Americans. Perhaps they were just being cautious.
David Greene: That would be one word for them.
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: I suppose "tea-loving" would be another.
Rachel Greene: That's two words!
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: It's a hyphenate, actually!

Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Do you know what time it is?
David Greene: Yeah, time my 10-year-old granddaughter started her period!

"ER: The Fastest Year (#6.19)" (2000)
[Mark is listening to his dad's lungs]
Dr. Mark Greene: Say "E."
David Greene: E.
Dr. Mark Greene: Again.
David Greene: E.
Dr. Mark Greene: Once more.
David Greene: E, cripes!

"ER: Under Control (#6.16)" (2000)
David Greene: Do you remember, you always wanted to grow a watermelon tree. You saved all those seeds and then snuck out and planted them in your mother's petunias.
Dr. Mark Greene: Never did get a watermelon.
David Greene: No, but you sure killed off all the petunias.

"ER: Family Practice (#4.14)" (1998)
David Greene: In near a minute, the engines would start, and lives would be at stake, for every minute of the next twelve hours. Sounds familiar?
Dr. Mark Greene: Sort of.