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Quotes for
Alex Taggart (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Impulse Control (#10.14)" (2004)
Alex Taggart: They always pray before they start eating. You have to bow your head and stuff. It's weird.
Nurse Samantha Taggart: Just be respectful. Think about something else.
Alex Taggart: Like what?
Nurse Samantha Taggart: I don't know, like, baseball, or dinosaurs, or... cannibalism.

"ER: Breach of Trust (#13.12)" (2007)
Gracie: You remember when we lived in that trailer?
Alex Taggart: You guys lived in a trailer?
Nurse Samantha Taggart: It was a mobile home.
Gracie: That's uppity for "trailer."

"ER: Freefall (#10.8)" (2003)
[about Luka]
Nurse Samantha Taggart: Why did you invite him?
Alex Taggart: Because he's my friend.
Nurse Samantha Taggart: Well, you shouldn't have friends who are over 30.
Alex Taggart: Why not?
Nurse Samantha Taggart: Because you're a kid.
Alex Taggart: So? I like him. He's cool.
Nurse Samantha Taggart: I know what you're trying to do.
Alex Taggart: Am not.
Nurse Samantha Taggart: And I'd rather not be going out with someone right now, okay?
Alex Taggart: You're probably not his type. Besides, he's my friend, not yours.

"ER: A House Divided (#13.13)" (2007)
Gracie: When I was your age, I had two jobs.
Alex Taggart: Yeah, doing what, milking a T-Rex?

"ER: Out of Africa (#10.5)" (2003)
Alex Taggart: This your new hospital?
Nurse Sam Taggart: Yep.
Alex Taggart: Looks even crappier than the last one.