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Peter Benton (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: 24 Hours (#1.1)" (1994)
Dr. Mark Greene: [giving orders to an intern as doctors begin scattering] Do you know what this is all about?
Dr. Peter Benton: Building collapsed in the Loop. They're sending us a dozen hot ones.
Dr. Mark Greene: Yeah, well who's on?
Dr. Peter Benton: Just us.
Dr. Mark Greene: [to intern] OK, forget all that.

Dr. Peter Benton: Anybody want any coffee?
Dr. Susan Lewis: Yeah, I do.
Dr. Peter Benton: How do you take it?
Dr. Susan Lewis: Same as yesterday and the day before that.
Dr. Peter Benton: And they call *me* a smartass.

Carol Hathaway: [entering the lounge, all the doctors stare at her] Is something wrong?
Dr. Peter Benton: Oh, you bet there is. We're out of coffee again because the nurses have been taking it, that's what's wrong.
Carol Hathaway: So make some more.
Dr. Peter Benton: Make some more? We work 36 hours on, 18 off, which is 90 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. For that, we are paid $23,739 before taxes, and we also have to *make* the coffee?
Carol Hathaway: My heart is breaking.

Dr. Peter Benton: [the regular ER doctors are watching new med student John Carter wait nervously at the desk] Oh, man, would you look at this?
Dr. Mark Greene: Huh. That's the first tailored white coat I've ever seen.
Dr. Peter Benton: Isn't he lovely.
Dr. Susan Lewis: Lovely.
Dr. Mark Greene: Think he knows anything?
Dr. Doug Ross: He knows how to dress.
Dr. Peter Benton: Well, he's my student. I'll find out.

Dr. Peter Benton: Do you know how to start an IV?
Dr. John Carter: Uh... actually, no.
Dr. Peter Benton: I thought you were third year.
Dr. John Carter: I am... but all I've done are dermatology and psychiatry.
Dr. Peter Benton: The well-dressed specialities, huh?

Dr. Peter Benton: [showing Carter around] X-Ray is around the corner. They're a bunch of idiots.

Dr. David Morgenstern: [instructing Carter] Dr. Benton is one of the best residents we have, you learn everything you can from him - except attitude.
[walks away]
Dr. Peter Benton: He didn't mean that.
Dr. David Morgenstern: [from next room] Yes he did!

Dr. Peter Benton: Do we have anybody to sew up?
Nurse Haleh Adams: How would I know?
Dr. Peter Benton: Ya know, I love this great spirit of camaraderie, everybody wants to help, you know?

Dr. Peter Benton: [showing Carter around the ER] This is Dr. Morgenstern. He's the head of ER. Watch out. He eats students for lunch.
Dr. David Morgenstern: [shaking hands with Carter] David Morgenstern.
John Carter: John Carter.
Dr. David Morgenstern: [to Benton] Uh, when did that severed hand go up?
Dr. Peter Benton: Vascular took it up an hour ago. I just hope they can do it right.
Dr. David Morgenstern: [turning to Carter] Dr. Benton is one of the best residents we have. You learn everything you can from him, except attitude.
[Morgenstern leaves]
Dr. Peter Benton: He didn't mean that.
Dr. David Morgenstern: [offscreen] Yes, he did.

"ER: The Miracle Worker (#5.10)" (1998)
Nurse Shirley: Are those baked beans?
Dr. Peter Benton: Yeah, and french fries. Oh.
Nurse Shirley: Ooh, that's rank.
Dr. Peter Benton: What's this? Coleslaw. Ah, here's a good one, what is that? Mystery meat?
Dr. Robert Romano: What the hell do you think you're doing operating on my patient?
Dr. Peter Benton: [to Romano] Saving his life.
[to himself]
Dr. Peter Benton: You jerk.
Dr. Robert Romano: Get me a gown and gloves now! And Peter get your hands out of my patient.
Dr. Peter Benton: Okay, give me a little suction here.
Nurse Shirley: Sucker's clogged.
Dr. Peter Benton: Yeah, it's a cranberry.
Dr. Robert Romano: Gloves Shirley, gloves.
[Enters OR]
Dr. Robert Romano: Where the hell is she?
Dr. Peter Benton: Who?
Dr. Robert Romano: Who do you think? What d'you do, give her extra work to hang her up here?
Dr. Peter Benton: I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.
Dr. Robert Romano: Step away.
Dr. Peter Benton: Alright.
[He does so]
Dr. Robert Romano: Who gave you permission to start without me?
Dr. Peter Benton: He was going into septic shock.
Dr. Robert Romano: You are a resident Peter, you don't take a piss without getting permission. And where the hell's Lizzie, off doing your scut?
Dr. Peter Benton: She left an hour ago.
Dr. Robert Romano: What the hell d'you use to make this incision, a chainsaw?
Nurse Shirley: [to Benton] He's been drinking.
Dr. Peter Benton: What?
Nurse Shirley: He's drunk.
Dr. Peter Benton: Go, call Anspaugh now.

Dr. Robert Romano: Just finishing up my disciplinary report, recommending that your residency be terminated for operating without an attending.
Dr. Peter Benton: Hmm, if you turn that in I'll be forced to defend myself.
Dr. Robert Romano: Hmm, well good luck Peter.
Dr. Peter Benton: That'll mean I'll have to turn in these labs showing that your blood alcohol level was .12. You shouldn't have even been driving, let alone operating on someone.
Dr. Robert Romano: Don't bluff me Peter,
[rolling up his sleeves to show his arms as proof]
Dr. Robert Romano: you didn't draw my blood.
Dr. Peter Benton: Not from there.
[Romano checks his thighs]

"ER: Summer Run (#2.2)" (1995)
Dr. Peter Benton: So, how's it going?
Dr. Kerry Weaver: My first day here, and I've only upset Doug Ross. That's not too bad, huh?
Dr. Peter Benton: You must be losing your touch.

[Carter tries to convince Benton he didn't have sex with Harper Tracy]
Dr. Peter Benton: Carter, do I look like your father?
[Carter looks at Benton, a bit puzzled]
John Carter: No. Actually, not at all.

"ER: Think Warm Thoughts (#4.11)" (1998)
[Benton and Carter have been giving lectures to pre-med students]
Dr. Peter Benton: All they want to know about is if you've killed anybody.
Dr. John Carter: What do you tell them?
Dr. Peter Benton: Only med students.

Dr. Robert Romano: Thanks for taking care of it, Pete.
Dr. Peter Benton: Dr. Romano... It's Peter. You called me Pete.
Dr. Robert Romano: What, nobody in your whole life's ever called you Pete?
Dr. Peter Benton: No.
Dr. Robert Romano: "Pete Benton", it sounds so natural, you gotta be kidding me.
Dr. Peter Benton: Peter. Just Peter.
Dr. Robert Romano: Huh. Wow. Petey?
Dr. Peter Benton: Peter.

"ER: Fear of Flying (#3.6)" (1996)
Dr. Dennis Gant: We all make mistakes, you know?
Dr. Peter Benton: Any other words of wisdom, Gant?
Dr. Dennis Gant: You're a real prick, you know that?

Dr. Abby Keaton: I'm sorry, I should have never left you unsupervised. There are nuances in neonatal surgery. The liver's more friable in newborns.
Dr. Peter Benton: I wanted a clean field before I closed.
Dr. Abby Keaton: Yeah, you said that.
Dr. Peter Benton: It seemed appropriate.
Dr. Abby Keaton: What's at issue here is that you ignored my specific instructions.
Dr. Peter Benton: I didn't ignore anything! I followed standard operative procedure. Look, I've done it at least a dozen times in other patients.
Dr. Abby Keaton: This is not "another patient"! This is an infant! Outside, now.
[they step out of the NICU and into the hall]
Dr. Abby Keaton: You don't know anything about pediatric surgery!
Dr. Peter Benton: Look, I thought it was necessary -
Dr. Abby Keaton: Are you unwilling to learn from your mistakes?
Dr. Peter Benton: It doesn't say in the text not to stitch a liver!
Dr. Abby Keaton: It isn't in the text! You didn't know what the hell you were doing! The second you realized you screwed up you should have called me. Why did I find 3 stitches in there?
Dr. Peter Benton: Because I tried to -
Dr. Abby Keaton: Because you arrogantly and blindly think that you have all the answers! If that baby dies, it'll be my responsibility, but it'll be your fault!

"ER: All in the Family (#6.14)" (2000)
[Benton rushes to Carter]
Dr. Peter Benton: Is he conscious? Is he conscious?

Dr. Peter Benton: Carter, don't worry, I'm going to explore the abdomen. I'm going to check out everything.
Dr. John Carter: I'm glad it's you.
Dr. Peter Benton: Hey, I'm getting you through this, man. You hear me?

"ER: Point of Origin (#5.18)" (1999)
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: I think I've found a way to limit my Romano exposure.
Dr. Peter Benton: Oh yeah, what's that? Garlic?

Dr. Robert Romano: Go home. See your munchkin.
Dr. Peter Benton: His name is Reese.
Dr. Robert Romano: Oh, like Reese's Pieces. Cute.

"ER: Mars Attacks (#7.3)" (2000)
Dr. Peter Benton: You're firing me?
Dr. Robert Romano: No, no, no, no. You fired yourself.

"ER: Welcome Back Carter! (#2.1)" (1995)
Dr. Peter Benton: What do you know about the arteries in the neck?
John Carter: Uh... there's a lot of them?

"ER: Greene with Envy (#6.3)" (1999)
[about Reese]
Dr. Peter Benton: Hey, Jackie, do you think he looks like me?
Jackie Robbins: Hope not. He's got enough problems.

"ER: Night Shift (#3.11)" (1997)
[the doctors are trying to save a man who got hit by the El]
[a beeper goes off]
Nurse Malik McGrath: Whose beeper?
Dr. Peter Benton: It's coming from the patient.
[Malik looks at the beeper]
Nurse Malik McGrath: Lydia, what number did you page Gant to?
Nurse Lydia Wright: This room, 3376.
Nurse Malik McGrath: That's the number on this pager.
Dr. Maggie Doyle: Oh my God.
Dr. John Carter: What?
Dr. Maggie Doyle: The patient! It's Gant!

"ER: Split Second (#5.2)" (1998)
Dr. Peter Benton: Did somebody page me?
Jerry Markovic: Yeah, abdominal mass in Trauma 1. Sounds like a triple-A.
[everyone looks at him]
Jerry Markovic: What? I pay attention.

"ER: Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies (#3.9)" (1996)
[Dr. Benton is talking to himself, preparing for surgery]
Dr. Peter Benton: Meckel's is like a rose-colored index finger protruding from the antimesenteric border.
Nurse Shirley: Then you bake it in a 400-degree oven for an hour...
Dr. Peter Benton: It can occasionally attach itself to the umbilical area, producing a fistula, which is, uh...
Nurse Shirley: Fresh rosemary, a little pepper...
Dr. Peter Benton: a... uh, pipe connecting Meckel's to the outside world.
Nurse Shirley: A clove of garlic under the skin...
Dr. Peter Benton: [annoyed, to Shirley] You know, excuse me, I'm trying to visualize here.

"ER: Men Plan, God Laughs (#1.22)" (1995)
Dr. Peter Benton: Thank you.
John Carter: Excuse me?
Dr. Peter Benton: I said "thank you".
John Carter: I know. I just wanted to hear you say it twice.

"ER: Old Times (#15.19)" (2009)
[Carter is waiting for his surgeon to arrive]
Dr. John Carter: Does anybody know when he's coming? How about a rough estimate? More than a minute, less than a hockey season? More than an hour, but less than the lifespan of a giant redwood tree.
Dr. Peter Benton: Carter.
Dr. John Carter: I'm so hungry, thirsty. I'm tired. I'm cold. My arm just fell asleep.
Dr. Peter Benton: Stop being a baby.
Dr. John Carter: Plus I feel like I'm hanging out of this thing. Can someone cover up my crotch please?

"ER: Gut Reaction (#4.18)" (1998)
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Have you ever removed an entire stomach before?
Dr. Peter Benton: No. Have you?
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: In a frog.

"ER: Chicago Heat (#1.6)" (1994)
Rachel Greene: Did you make him all better?
Dr. Peter Benton: Who?
Rachel Greene: The boy in the green room.
Dr. Peter Benton: The gunshot victim.
Dr. Mark Greene: They tried really hard, Rachel. But he died.
Rachel Greene: Will his mom be sad?
Dr. Mark Greene: Very sad.
Rachel Greene: [to Dr. Benton] Are you sad?
Dr. Peter Benton: Yeah.
Rachel Greene: If you're sad, why aren't you crying?
Dr. Peter Benton: I am.
[taps Rachel's chest]
Dr. Peter Benton: Right here.

"ER: I'll Be Home for Christmas (#8.10)" (2001)
Dr. John Carter: Hey, Peter. I'm a good doctor because of you.
Dr. Peter Benton: No, you're not. But keep trying.

"ER: Feb 5, '95 (#1.15)" (1995)
Dr. Peter Benton: Carol!
[drops chart on desk]
Nurse Carol Hathaway: Careful!
Dr. Peter Benton: I'm having problems with Haleh.
Nurse Carol Hathaway: So I heard.
Dr. Peter Benton: I'd like you to reschedule her, so we don't have to work together anymore.
Nurse Carol Hathaway: From what I hear, you're the one that needs to be rescheduled.
Dr. Peter Benton: So, what does that mean? You won't do it?
Nurse Carol Hathaway: No, I won't. The nursing schedule is my prerogative.
Dr. Peter Benton: Even if that situation is endangering patient care?
Nurse Carol Hathaway: You work every day and every third night. Haleh's got four kids to support. When is she supposed to work?
Dr. Peter Benton: The woman refuses to follow my instructions!
Nurse Carol Hathaway: Why should she? You're still in training, remember? She already graduated.
Dr. Peter Benton: Oh, come on, Carol, don't give me that! I mean, we are NOT equals!
Nurse Carol Hathaway: Look, she may not know how to cross-clamp an aorta, but Haleh has been working in emergency medicine for twenty years, and if you would ever hop off that pedestal you've put yourself on you might see that the nurses make this place work, not you.

"ER: May Day (#6.22)" (2000)
Dr. Peter Benton: Sir, I'm a doctor, I'm here to help you. Can you talk?
Gunman: Go to hell.
Dr. Peter Benton: OK, I'll take that as a yes.

"ER: Middle of Nowhere (#5.16)" (1999)
Dr. Peter Benton: Adelina should have been admitted to a hospital for diabetic teaching.
Nurse Practitioner: Well, that's not gonna happen.
Dr. Peter Benton: Well, what about a sub-q insulin pump? Have you heard of those?
Nurse Practitioner: [sarcastically] Something newer than leeches?

"ER: Home (#2.9)" (1995)
[Carter has a hickey]
Dr. Peter Benton: You have a hematoma on your neck.

"ER: Hit and Run (#1.4)" (1994)
John Carter: You ever get used to this?
Dr. Peter Benton: Used to what?
John Carter: Going on three hours sleep.
Dr. Peter Benton: Anything more than three hours and I'm sluggish all day.

"ER: Into That Good Night (#1.5)" (1994)
[about Benton who's listening to a walkman]
John Carter: What's he doing?
Dr. Susan Lewis: Practicing one-handed knots. He'd do it with his teeth if he could.
Dr. Peter Benton: No, I wouldn't. You can't wear a glove on your teeth.

"ER: Be Patient (#6.15)" (2000)
Dr. Peter Benton: Just when did you lose the filter between your brain and your mouth?
Dr. John Carter: I think you took it out in the O.R. last week.

"ER: Sharp Relief (#4.12)" (1998)
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: It's been a long day. I could use a drink. How about you?
Dr. Peter Benton: No. I don't drink.
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Your body's made up of 60 percent water, Peter. You must drink something.
Dr. Peter Benton: Elizabeth, you know what I mean.
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Well, have a lemonade, or a Yoo-Hoo, for all I care.

"ER: Homecoming (#7.1)" (2000)
[Elizabeth's hands itch]
Dr. Peter Benton: Are you allergic to any plants?
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: I don't think so.
Dr. Peter Benton: You have a garden?
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: I went camping.
Dr. Robert Romano: Tell me you know what poison ivy looks like.
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Poison ivy... is that in Wisconsin?
Dr. Robert Romano: Oh boy.

"ER: The Match Game (#2.17)" (1996)
Dr. Peter Benton: On my count. One, two...
Dr. Doug Ross: Buckle my shoe and kiss my ass.

"ER: Freak Show (#4.8)" (1997)
Dr. Peter Benton: What about you? You got any kids?
Dr. Robert Romano: None they've been able to pin on me.

"ER: Sand and Water (#7.2)" (2000)
[about a patient]
Dr. Peter Benton: Last time, the man yelled into my stethoscope.
Dr. Cleo Finch: And he grabbed my ass. Suck it up.

"ER: Match Made in Heaven (#6.18)" (2000)
[Yosh walks in on Cleo and Peter kissing]
Dr. Peter Benton: We were uh... just discussing a patient.
Nurse Yosh Takata: I could use a good discussion myself.