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Rachel Greene (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Great Expectations (#6.8)" (1999)
[about Elizabeth]
Rachel Greene: Is she pretty?
Dr. Mark Greene: Yes, she's pretty.
Rachel Greene: Prettier than Cynthia?
Dr. Mark Greene: Different kind of pretty.
David Greene: Beauty is overrated.
Dr. Mark Greene: I said she's pretty. Jeez.

Rachel Greene: The Pilgrims came here to escape persecution from the British.
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Yes, so they could go about persecuting the Indians.

Dr. Elizabeth Corday: The British were fighting the Germans 3 years before the Americans. Perhaps they were just being cautious.
David Greene: That would be one word for them.
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: I suppose "tea-loving" would be another.
Rachel Greene: That's two words!
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: It's a hyphenate, actually!

"ER: And in the End... (#15.22)" (2009)
Frank: Can I help you?
Rachel Greene: You don't remember me.
Frank: Should I?
Rachel Greene: God, it's amazing how little has changed around here... My dad used to be on staff
Frank: Mmm hmm.
Rachel Greene: Mark Greene. I'm his daughter Rachel.

[last lines]
Rachel Greene: [as victims are arriving] Dr. Carter?
Dr. John Carter: What? I'm sorry. What?
Rachel Greene: Are you okay?
Dr. John Carter: Yeah. A little deja vu.
Dr. Archie Morris: [as Morris wheeling in a patient] Carter. You working?
Dr. John Carter: Absolutely!
Dr. Archie Morris: Come on!
Dr. John Carter: [to Rachel as he's taking a patient into the ER] Dr. Greene. You coming?
[Rachel runs after him]

"ER: On the Beach (#8.21)" (2002)
Dr. Mark Greene: Don't cry for me.
Rachel: I won't.
Dr. Mark Greene: Be generous... always.
Rachel: I will. Daddy... I remember the lullaby. I remember you used to sing it to me every night. I remember.

"ER: Chicago Heat (#1.6)" (1994)
Rachel Greene: Did you make him all better?
Dr. Peter Benton: Who?
Rachel Greene: The boy in the green room.
Dr. Peter Benton: The gunshot victim.
Dr. Mark Greene: They tried really hard, Rachel. But he died.
Rachel Greene: Will his mom be sad?
Dr. Mark Greene: Very sad.
Rachel Greene: [to Dr. Benton] Are you sad?
Dr. Peter Benton: Yeah.
Rachel Greene: If you're sad, why aren't you crying?
Dr. Peter Benton: I am.
[taps Rachel's chest]
Dr. Peter Benton: Right here.

"ER: Day for Knight (#5.1)" (1998)
Lucy Knight: So your dad works here?
Rachel Greene: Yeah, he's one of the bosses. Well, he used to be the only boss, before Dr. Weaver butted in.