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Lucy Knight (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Masquerade (#5.5)" (1998)
Lucy Knight: What's up, were we too loud?
Dr. John Carter: No, the furniture was too on fire.

Lucy Knight: At least your residents acknowledge your existence. Mine don't even know I'm here. I get more respect from this rubber arm.

"ER: The Good Fight (#5.8)" (1998)
[last lines]
Dr. John Carter: [at the hospital's rooftop] Hi.
Lucy Knight: Thought you went home.
Dr. John Carter: No - we're on in an hour. It's better not to sleep unless you can get at least three.
Lucy Knight: I wouldn't sleep anyway.
Dr. John Carter: The crit's up three points, but the renal failure may be permanent. That's if she wakes up.
Lucy Knight: [Upset] I thought we were saving her.
Dr. John Carter: No... we were giving her her only chance...
Lucy Knight: That's not good enough!
Dr. John Carter: It has to be.
Lucy Knight: No, it doesn't.
Dr. John Carter: Some patients get to you more than others, I know. But when you do everything that you can, sometimes even more than you thought you could, you've got to walk away knowing you fought the good fight. You fought the good fight, Lucy.
Dr. John Carter: Tomorrow you'll fight another one.

Cook: Anything for the boss?
Dr. John Carter: Who?
Cook: The boss, the missus.
Dr. John Carter: [stares blankly]
Cook: Your girlfriend?
Dr. John Carter: No. Not my girlfriend.
Lucy Knight: John. Come here. Come here!
Dr. John Carter: What?
Lucy Knight: Come here!
Cook: Whatever you say, pal.

"ER: Be Still My Heart (#6.13)" (2000)
[Lucy Knight comes into the Lounge and finds her patient Paul Sobriki there]
Lucy Knight: Paul, what're you doing here?
Paul Sobriki: I, I wanted a cup of coffee and that nurse-guy wasn't around.
Lucy Knight: Okay, let's get you back to your room.
[Nurses Lydia Wright and Chuny Marquez set a cake on the table]
Paul Sobriki: You having a party here?
Lucy Knight: Yeah, for Valentine's Day, let's go.
[Talking about the cake]
Nurse Lydia Wright: Shouldn't it be bigger?
Nurse Chuny Marquez: Shouldn't it be red?

"ER: Split Second (#5.2)" (1998)
Dr. John Carter: Hey, you guys just missed a good one. I sent a guy straight up to the OR. Perfed his intestine with a carrot.
Nurse Carol Hathaway: A whole carrot?
Lucy Knight: How do you swallow a whole carrot?
[Carter and Carol look at her]
Dr. John Carter: Didn't swallow.
Lucy Knight: [embarrassed] Oh, I get it.

"ER: How the Finch Stole Christmas (#6.9)" (1999)
Valerie Page: I cannot thank you enough, Dr. Knight.
Lucy Knight: I'm not a doctor yet.
Valerie Page: You are to me.

"ER: Last Rites (#6.2)" (1999)
Lucy Knight: How much should I decrease his O2?
Dr. Dave Malucci: Ooh, I don't know. Crank it down, if he turns blue, crank it back up.
Lucy Knight: You're kidding, right?
Dr. Dave Malucci: No, purple ain't good.

"ER: The Domino Heart (#6.11)" (2000)
Dr. Luka Kovac: It just started snowing, and you look like you're freezing.
Lucy Knight: I am
Lucy Knight: [Luka walks over and drapes his coat around her] No, that's okay
Dr. Luka Kovac: I'm European, we like to be gallant. Are you off? I've got two tickets to the circus.
Lucy Knight: Just coming on.
Dr. Luka Kovac: What are you doing here all day?
Lucy Knight: Not enough as it turns out. It's never been very easy for me to be here. Sometimes I felt like I would never fit in.
Dr. Luka Kovac: That's something I know about. But I moved around a lot, and I'm used to it.
Lucy Knight: But at the beginning of every day, I've been grateful that I'm walking in here on my own choosing, and not carried in on some gurney. And at the end of the day, if I've helped just one person, it's been worth it. And that didn't happen today, and that makes me sad.

"ER: All in the Family (#6.14)" (2000)
[after Lucy has woken up]
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Your liver was damaged, but we were able to repair it. However we did have to remove your spleen. I'm sorry.
[Lucy tries to speak]
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Lucy, you can't speak. You can whisper, if I plug the trake. D'you want to try that?
[Lucy nods]
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Okay.
[Corday plugs the trake]
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Remember, only whisper.
Lucy Knight: Thank you.

"ER: Abby Road (#6.12)" (2000)
Lucy Knight: [On the roof of the hospital] Rough first day?
Abby Lockhart: [smoking a cigarette] Well, let's just say, it's been two years since I've had one of these.
Lucy Knight: What happened?
Abby Lockhart: More like what didn't happen. When I was up in OB, I would deliver a baby, then I would deliver a baby, and today, I was puked on, spit at, bit, and then I tricked a psychotic woman, and I almost killed a guy.
Lucy Knight: That sounds about right. Fortunately in the ER, almost doesn't count.
[starts throwing money off the roof from a tin box]
Abby Lockhart: What are you doing?
Lucy Knight: Patient's last request. Toss some, you might feel better.

"ER: Day for Knight (#5.1)" (1998)
Lucy Knight: So your dad works here?
Rachel Greene: Yeah, he's one of the bosses. Well, he used to be the only boss, before Dr. Weaver butted in.