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Chuck Martin (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Foreign Affairs (#9.20)" (2003)
[discussing reasons for anulling their marriage]
Chuck Martin: Fraud. Have you ever faked anything?
Dr. Susan Lewis: No. Have you?
Chuck Martin: No, I'm just a screamer.

Dr. Luka Kovac: You, I need to talk to you.
[Chuck leans on the counter and looks at Luka]
Dr. Luka Kovac: What are you doing tonight?
Chuck Martin: Take it easy, cowboy. I'm a married man.

"ER: The Student (#10.17)" (2004)
Chuck Martin: I think we have a case of sympathetic pregnancy going on here.
Dr. Susan Lewis: Excuse me?
Chuck Martin: I have all the symptoms: nausea, gas, increased salivation, cravings... I've gotta pee all the time...
Dr. Susan Lewis: You had all that before I got pregnant.

Chuck Martin: How does a guy like that get to be such a freak?
Dr. Susan Lewis: Born with a y-chromosome?
Chuck Martin: Oh, so all men are twisted?
Dr. Susan Lewis: You said it!
Chuck Martin: You hate men.
Dr. Susan Lewis: If it weren't for sperm and heavy lifting you'd all be useless.

"ER: Freefall (#10.8)" (2003)
Dr. Susan Lewis: I thought you were on the chopper.
Chuck Martin: Oh, God, no. They brought their own nurse and that bitch wouldn't let me fly.
Dr. Susan Lewis: That bitch saved your life.