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Luka Kovac (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: The Human Shield (#12.7)" (2005)
Dr. Neela Rasgotra: They want us to express our feelings about what happened today.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Well, today sucked. Good night.

Dr. Luka Kovac: Our job is to save lives, not to judge them.

Dr. Abby Lockhart: Clemente is implementing some changes. New equipment. They gonna make him head of the ER? That's what they're saying.
Dr. Luka Kovac: The guy who got you and Neela suspended for working on a monkey?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: It was a chimp.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Well, if he wants the chief position, he can have it. Maybe he can open up a petting zoo in the doctor's lounge.

Dr. Luka Kovac: Is that your patient?
Dr. Victor Clemente: What, that I can do with my eyes closed?
Dr. Luka Kovac: It's probably best if you didn't.

"ER: Parenthood (#13.4)" (2006)
Dr. Abby Lockhart: How was your shift?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Ah, the usual. Had a five-year-old kid crushed by a tree...
Dr. Abby Lockhart: I don't wanna hear any stories about bad things happening to children!
Dr. Luka Kovac: He survived... How about your day?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: It was divine!
Dr. Luka Kovac: Look, I've been thinking, maybe you're right, maybe we should get somebody like a nanny...
Dr. Abby Lockhart: No, thanks.
Dr. Luka Kovac: But I thought...
Dr. Abby Lockhart: I changed my mind. No nannies, just us.

Dr. Luka Kovac: [Abby hears Luka singing to Joe through the baby's radio] Should I stay or should I go now? If I go there will be trouble. An' if I stay it will be double.
[Abby laughs]

Dr. Archie Morris: [punches Pratt in the arm] Thanks, dog.
Dr. Gregory Pratt: [speaking to Kovac] Did you just see that?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Yep. He's your dog boy.
Dr. Gregory Pratt: He's not my dog and he's not my boy. And you don't use the two together.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I know.

Dr. Luka Kovac: What's wrong with Jane? She's good.
Dr. Gregory Pratt: No, Jane is creepy. I'm serious. She's always sneaking up on me. She's like those twins in "The Shining"

"ER: Missing (#10.9)" (2003)
Nurse Samantha Taggart: Dr. Kovac! Tell me you did not put a splint on my kid's arm.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I'm sorry, but we're busy trying to find a man's finger right now.
Nurse Samantha Taggart: Yeah, and the reason it's missing is because instead of sitting here like I told him, he's off with you playing doctor.
Frank Martin: What?
Nurse Samantha Taggart: Not like that.

Dr. Luka Kovac: I'm sorry about the splint.
Nurse Samantha Taggart: Look, I appreciate you trying to be his friend. I just don't want things to get weird. You're a good guy, I'm sure, but you don't know crap about raising kids. So thanks for the help, but no thanks. I got it covered.

Frank Martin: 42" plasma screen? Why would you get rid of that?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Well, the Congo isn't exactly HD-ready.

"ER: Blame It on the Rain (#12.4)" (2005)
Dr. Eve Peyton: Well, if they're not here in ten, I'm putting her in a cab.
Dr. Luka Kovac: She's comatose.
Dr. Eve Peyton: I was kidding, Dr. Kovac.

Frank Martin: Aren't you two supposed to keep 50 feet apart or something?
Nurse Samantha Taggart: Bite me, Frank.
Frank Martin: If you ask me, you're better off without her.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I didn't.

Dr. Abby Lockhart: Out of curiosity, what kind of man hires a "satisfaction facilitator"?
Dr. Luka Kovac: A what?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: I believe it's the politically correct term for call girl these days.
Dr. Luka Kovac: A smart one? We have this saying in Croatia.
[Luka rattles off a phrase in Croatian]
Dr. Luka Kovac: . If it floats, flies or...
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Fornicates?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Rent it.

"ER: All About Christmas Eve (#12.10)" (2005)
Dr. Luka Kovac: [in Santa hat] Ho-ho!
Frank: Well, look what the reindeer dragged in.
Dr. Luka Kovac: This is for you, Frank.
[hands him a scarf]
Frank: Wow! Last time this hospital gave me a present was when that helicopter fell on Romano.

Dr. Abby Lockhart: [looks confused] Are we spending Christmas together?
Dr. Luka Kovac: That's what you said last night.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: No I didn't.
Dr. Luka Kovac: [grinning] Well, you probably don't remember everything you said.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: [laughs and punches Luka's arm] Shut up.
Dr. Luka Kovac: We should.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: We should?
[Luka nods]
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Okay. Well, I should change.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I'll help.

Dr. Luka Kovac: I'm making Croatian breaded turkey for dinner tomorrow. What are you cooking?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Cooking? Do you have amnesia from the last time we dated?

"ER: Split Decisions (#12.12)" (2006)
Dr. Luka Kovac: You want to go shopping?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: I want to go looking.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Baby monitors.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Monitors, cribs, car seats. Maybe a little mobile of famous Croatian diplomats.
[Luka looks at her like she's crazy]
Dr. Abby Lockhart: It's a joke.

Dr. Luka Kovac: [discussing what they'll need to get ready for the baby. Abby realizes that they'll need two of everything, one for her place and one for his] So if we have twins, are we going to need four of everything?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: I'm not having twins.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Ah, identical twins run in my family.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Are you kidding me?
Dr. Luka Kovac: What? The chances are really small.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: [laughing] If your mutant, Croatian seed causes me to have twins, I'm going to...
Dr. Luka Kovac: [grinning] Look at it from the sunny side. If we have a custody fight, each one of us can take a kid.
[Abby rolls her eyes at him]
Dr. Luka Kovac: Identical twins.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: [still laughing] Got it. Let's go.

Dr. Abby Lockhart: [Abby and Luka are shopping for baby things] Oh crap!
[Abby pulls Luka behind a rack of clothes]
Dr. Luka Kovac: What?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: It's Debbie Dawkins from the pharmacy.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Who?
[he tries to look around the rack, Abby hits him]
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Don't look! If she sees the two of us in a baby store together, holding bags of stuff, she's gonna tell everybody.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I don't even know who she is!
Dr. Abby Lockhart: She knows who you are!
Dr. Luka Kovac: I don't think so!
Dr. Abby Lockhart: [Abby rolls her eyes] Oh, Luka, every woman who works in the hospital knows who you are, trust me.

"ER: Kisangani (#9.22)" (2003)
[Dr. Carter is leaving the Congo, and Dr. Kovac is staying behind]
Dr. John Carter: Don't do anything stupid.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Like what?
Dr. John Carter: Like getting yourself killed.

Dr. John Carter: [Luka lights a cigarette] I didn't know you smoked.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I don't.

Dr. Luka Kovac: [Gillian enters, checks out Carter, gives Luka the once over and a smirk. She sits and gives John a drink then offers an "invitation" as she leaves. Luka quirks an eyebrow at Carter] How's Abby?
Dr. John Carter: I didn't do anything with Gillian, I swear.
Dr. Luka Kovac: So you don't mind if I...?
Dr. John Carter: [Carter laughs] Knock yourself out.

"ER: Secrets and Lies (#8.16)" (2002)
Dr. Luka Kovac: We're all waiting, for what? Fulfillment, love... validation, approval? It's a waste of time. Life is an empty, hollow exercise filled with pain, loss and grief, and the *only* thing we can expect to achieve in our lives is our own, inevitable death.

Dr. John Carter: How about those Bears?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Sorry, I don't watch American football.
Dr. John Carter: Well. I think if they beef up their defense they'll be real contenders this year.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Oh.
[looks hopefully at Carter]
Dr. Luka Kovac: I like basketball, let's talk about the Bulls.
Dr. John Carter: The Bulls stink.

Dr. Susan Lewis: [Carter is upset that Susan, who he is dating, stayed on Mark's couch a few nights before. Carter is also desperately in love with Abby at this point] We're friends, friends! Which is more than I can say for us if you don't knock this off. I slept on the couch!
[looks at Abby]
Dr. Susan Lewis: He thinks I slept with Mark.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Abby's been staying with me and nothing's happened.
[everybody turns and stares at him]
Dr. Luka Kovac: What?

"ER: Bloodline (#13.1)" (2006)
Dr. Abby Lockhart: [talking about their baby] We don't even have a name.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I was wondering if maybe we could name him after my father... He will be thrilled to have a grandson named Mongo.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Mon, Mongo?
Dr. Luka Kovac: It's a very popular name in Croatia.
[pauses then laughs]
Dr. Luka Kovac: I am just teasing you. My father's name is Joseph, and for that matter, name the baby anything you like, whatever.

Dr. Coburn: You know I want you to have a healthy baby
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Then why do you keep focusing on the worst-case scenario?
Dr. Luka Kovac: It's her job.

Dr. Abby Lockhart: Is one going to be enough?
Dr. Luka Kovac: What?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: One baby. Um, my uterus wouldn't stop bleeding and Coburn did everything she could but...
Dr. Luka Kovac: You had a hysterectomy?
[Abby nods]
Dr. Luka Kovac: Well, one is all we need.

"ER: Touch & Go (#10.11)" (2004)
Dr. Luka Kovac: Undo my belt.
Neela Rasgotra: What?
Dr. Luka Kovac: He needs a tourniquet, now!
Neela Rasgotra: Use mine. It's thinner and cheaper.

Dr. Luka Kovac: [Abby and Luka are speaking after Abby has been introduced to Kem, Carter's new girlfriend] Ah, they met after I left.
Nurse Abby Lockhart: What'd he do? Knock her up ten minutes after that?

Dr. John Carter: [speaking about Kem] You never met her?
Dr. Luka Kovac: No. She must have gotten past me.

"ER: Sea Change (#13.22)" (2007)
Dr. Archie Morris: Your wedding was awesome. I just hope that thing I did didn't make you lose your security deposit.
Dr. Luka Kovac: What thing?
Dr. Archie Morris: What?

Dr. Abby Lockhart: No work for 2 weeks. The honeymoon starts now.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Does that mean you're ready to change into the bikini?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Maybe after Joe goes to bed.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Joe! Go to bed, now!

"ER: Forgive and Forget (#10.16)" (2004)
Dr. Luka Kovac: She has a boyfriend.
Nurse Samantha Taggart: That's nice.
Dr. Luka Kovac: You said you didn't want to be exclusive!
Nurse Samantha Taggart: I said it four days ago!
Dr. Luka Kovac: I forgot she was coming.
Nurse Samantha Taggart: You know what, I don't care. It's fine, Luka.
Dr. Luka Kovac: It's fine?
Nurse Samantha Taggart: You think I really care how many little French girls you're screwing? You already nailed every nurse in the ER!

Brian: [about an ultrasound] Can you see through someone's clothes with this?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Nope, doesn't work. Already tried.

"ER: Leave It to Weaver (#6.1)" (1999)
Dr. Luka Kovac: Have you ever been to the circus?
Michelle Kinney: No.
Dr. Luka Kovac: You have now.

Vanilla Latte Boy: What kind of accent is that?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Thick.

"ER: Photographs and Memories (#13.18)" (2007)
[about Archie and Hope, who know about their engagement]
Dr. Abby Lockhart: We need to shut them down, before they tell everybody.
Dr. Luka Kovac: How do we do that?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Beat them with a bag of oranges? 'Cause I hear it doesn't leave any marks.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Or we could try talking to them.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Fine.

[Two extremely over-tanned college girls were rude to Abby and Sam]
Nurse Samantha Taggart: I cannot believe we just got dissed by those walking raisins.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I hope it rains every day on spring break.

"ER: Walk Like a Man (#9.4)" (2002)
Dr. Luka Kovac: Her workup is not complete.
Dr. Susan Lewis: But her mother's is, so unless you have unusual stamina, there's no reason to keep her here.

Nurse Abby Lockhart: And the moral of the story is?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Never sleep with a patient's mother.
Nurse Abby Lockhart: At least not until the labs are back.

"ER: If Not Now (#12.11)" (2006)
Dr. Luka Kovac: You had to do what you had to do.
Abby Lockhart: I didn't do it. I couldn't do it. I want to keep it. I want us to have this baby.

Pregnant girl: Is it a sin?
Dr. Luka Kovac: It's just a medical way of giving God a chance to reconsider.

"ER: Graduation Day (#13.2)" (2006)
Dr. Luka Kovac: Had to see it for myself, Archie Morris and Greg Pratt. Attendings, huh?

Dr. Abby Lockhart: I can't shut my brain off. I keep thinking, why is the dopamine at 17 instead of 20 and why don't they change the tube position? I can't see his eyes. Do you know what colour they are?
Dr. Luka Kovac: They're blue.

"ER: A Saint in the City (#9.12)" (2003)
Dr. Robert Romano: Okay, cowboy, I've got a vascular surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and three surgical residents waiting upstairs in an OR suite that rents for five grand an hour.
Dr. Luka Kovac: He wants to stay with his wife.
Dr. Robert Romano: Well, isn't that touching.
Dr. Luka Kovac: She's dying.
Dr. Robert Romano: Yeah, well, if doesn't die faster, he's going to be dying with her.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I've explained all that.
Dr. Robert Romano: I'm going upstairs. If he's not up there in five minutes, I'm going take out your spleen.

Dr. Kerry Weaver: Luka, why is Jessie Callahan still in Trauma One? I'm curious because you pronounced her dead an hour ago.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Her husband wouldn't go up to the OR unless she passed, so I unhooked her leads and pronounced her.
Dr. Kerry Weaver: Good God! What happens when he comes back down from surgery and finds out his wife is still alive?
Dr. Luka Kovac: I'll tell him it was a miracle.

"ER: The Show Must Go On (#11.22)" (2005)
[Carter has just lost three games of pool from Kovac]
Nurse Malik McGrath: I didn't even know they played pool in Croatia.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Sure. But, we just use broomsticks and goat testicles.
Nurse Malik McGrath: Get out of here!
Dr. Luka Kovac: No, it's hard. Those balls don't roll straight.

Dr. Luka Kovac: Anyway, uh, there's something my father would say when a friend went on a journey. And, uh... he said it to me when I came to the United States first. So I thought of it today when I realized I wouldn't be working with this guy anymore, not for a long time, at least. My father would, uh, clasp the person's hand and say, uh, "We only part to meet again."

"ER: Only Connect (#11.11)" (2005)
Nurse Sam Taggart: He to young to go, and shouldn't even be listening to that kind of music anyways.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I did't know you already said no.
Nurse Sam Taggart: Luca, I'm trying to teach him the value of a dollar and you go and give him everything that he wants.
Dr. Luka Kovac: It was only fifty bucks.
Nurse Sam Taggart: For a concert ticket for a ten year old, NO. That's ridiculous.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I just don't think you should be worried about money so much.
Nurse Sam Taggart: Look, I appreciate your generosity, but I am not going to let you start paying for everything.
Dr. Luka Kovac: But you don't have to pay exactly half the rent and half the bills every month, that's ridiculous.
Nurse Sam Taggart: You know I've been taking care of me and Alex for 10 years on my own, I think I can handle it.
Dr. Luka Kovac: You know, this isn't about money at all. You're worried about losing your independence or something. And about my role in Alex's live. What are you worried you're losing control or something.
Nurse Sam Taggart: You know what, you always do this.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Do what?
Nurse Sam Taggart: This! Telling me what I'm really mad about.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Most of the time you don't know what you're really mad about.
[Sam walks to the door]
Dr. Luka Kovac: Sam, this isn't our stop.

Nurse Sam Taggart: Are you, in all seriousness, telling me for the second time today that I am not mad about what I'm really mad about?
Dr. Luka Kovac: ...I have NO idea what you just said!

"ER: Rock, Paper, Scissors (#7.11)" (2001)
Bishop Stewart: Everyone deserves to be comforted in their darkest hour.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Too bad you weren't there to comfort the little girl he killed.
Bishop Stewart: I didn't need to be. God was there.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Was he?

Dr. Luka Kovac: So any fool can get into heaven if he's scared enough to say he's sorry right before he dies?

"ER: The Chicago Way (#14.19)" (2008)
Dr. Luka Kovac: [Moretti has stopped by Luka's new job to try to explain what happened with Abby and to apologize] Are you finished?
Dr. Kevin Moretti: Uh, yeah. I think I am.
Dr. Luka Kovac: [Luka decks Moretti] Thanks for stopping by.

Walter Perkins: Hospice policy. There's a six month limit. My nephew's taking me to Philly.
Dr. Luka Kovac: They're kicking you out because you didn't die soon enough?
Walter Perkins: It's pretty discouraging, isn't it?

"ER: It's All in Your Head (#8.15)" (2002)
Dr. Luka Kovac: You only live once.
Nurse Abby Lockhart: Not if you keep driving like a maniac.

Nurse Abby Lockhart: You look tired.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Yeah, I was up late.
Nurse Abby Lockhart: Oh really, what's her name?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Who?
Nurse Abby Lockhart: It's a joke, Luka.
Dr. Luka Kovac: No, seriously, if you need a place...
Nurse Abby Lockhart: Thank you.
Dr. Luka Kovac: You can stay as long as you need, and you only have to sleep with me on the weekends.
Nurse Abby Lockhart: Excuse me?
Dr. Luka Kovac: It's a joke, Abby. It's a joke.

"ER: The Advocate (#9.17)" (2003)
Dr. Luka Kovac: You're with them when they're most vulnerable, when they're naked, weak, hurt... You touch them, look at their bodies, see them more closely than their families, their lovers, but it's mechanical and temporary.

Dr. Luka Kovac: There was cartoon I once saw in a magazine. A little man is sitting in a room with two doors. One door says "Do Not Enter" and the other says "Do Not Exit". So he just sits there, holding his hat.

"ER: Hindsight (#9.10)" (2002)
Dr. Luka Kovac: [Luka is drunk and speaking to Abby when Carter comes in. Luka addresses him] You should stay.
Dr. John Carter: [shakes his head] Gotta go.
Nurse Abby Lockhart: Are you working tomorrow?
Dr. Luka Kovac: [smirks] Nooooooo...
Dr. John Carter: Lucky you.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Lucky for the patients.

Erin Harkins: [Harkins is flirting Luka right after Abby and Carter leave] You need to get out on the dance floor. Show me some of those Croatian moves.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Luka don't dance.

"ER: All in the Family (#6.14)" (2000)
[after Carter and Lucy were discovered]
Nurse Abby Lockhart: How long d'you think they were lying there?
Dr. Jing-Mei 'Deb' Chen: Long enough to lose a couple of liters.
Nurse Lydia Wright: I can't believe nobody saw anything.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Let's talk about it later.

[while treating Carter who has been stabbed to the back]
Dr. Jing-Mei 'Deb' Chen: Right pupil is five millimeters and reactive, left is- John! John!
[Carter regains consciousness]
Dr. John Carter: Deb?
Dr. Jing-Mei 'Deb' Chen: Look at me. D'you know where you are?
Dr. John Carter: My back.
Dr. Jing-Mei 'Deb' Chen: You were stabbed. We've got your pressure up.
Dr. John Carter: Lucy?
Officer Tom Bennini: John, I'm officer Bennini, did you see the man that stabbed you?
[Carter shakes his head]
Dr. Jing-Mei 'Deb' Chen: Wait, wait, do we need to do this right now?
Officer Tom Bennini: It's better if I can...
Dr. Jing-Mei 'Deb' Chen: You'll have to wait, I'm sorry!
Dr. John Carter: What?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Nothing, looks like he missed your spinal chord.
[Carter sees Lucy in the trauma room next to them]
Dr. John Carter: Is that Lucy?
Nurse Abby Lockhart: Yes. She's alive.

"ER: A Hopeless Wound (#9.5)" (2002)
Dr. Luka Kovac: Maybe you could wear Swastikas with that outfit. You could be a naughty Nazi nurse.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: You totally suck, you know that?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Hey, careful! Creating a hostile work environment!

Dr. Elizabeth Corday: I lost my wedding ring!
Dr. Robert Romano: Oh, boo-hoo, this guy's about to lose a leg. I'd say chop-chop, but that would be in extremely bad taste.
Nurse Chuny Marquez: I'm not working with him.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Why?
Nurse Chuny Marquez: Because he treats nurses like idiots.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Hey, if your boots fit!
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Shoes.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Whatever.

"ER: The Greater Good (#10.6)" (2003)
Dr. Luka Kovac: I'm not billing for treatment we didn't provide.
Dr. Robert Romano: It's called capitalism, Kovac. It pays your salary.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: She was my patient!
Dr. Luka Kovac: Yes, and if I hadn't treated her, she would still be here. Now she's at home and feeling better.
Dr. Gregory Pratt: So, that's it? This is how I'm supposed to learn? Either I do it your way or you take it away from me?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Pratt, I'm trying to teach you the way you practice medicine here is inefficient.
Dr. Gregory Pratt: Oh, and letting babies die is?
Dr. Luka Kovac: You really think you saved that kid today? For what? 24-hours nursing care. He's probably gonna require a lifetime committment. Are you gonna be around to give it to him?
Dr. Gregory Pratt: Listen, I'm sorry I'm not in some mud-hut doing amputations with a pocketknife. We have the technology and expertise to give that kid a chance! What's the sense in having it if we don't use it?
Dr. Luka Kovac: That kid has about a 5% chance of having a normal life. You have any idea how many other kids we could have treated with those resources?
Dr. Gregory Pratt: I do everything I can for my patients! That's how I practice medicine. This is Chicago, not the damned Congo. Maybe you should go back to Africa.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Maybe you should go to Africa.
Dr. Gregory Pratt: I know you didn't just say that to me.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Maybe then you'd learn that there's more to being a doctor than ordering tests and calling consults for every patient just to cover your ass.

"ER: Benton Backwards (#7.4)" (2000)
Dr. Luka Kovac: I just don't understand, first you were at four, then you were at six.
Abby Lockhart: That's because I scored very quickly. You're a bad sport.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I can't handle losing to a girl.
Abby Lockhart: Oh, God.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I'm kidding. I actually enjoy losing to you, Abby.
Abby Lockhart: Good, that's much better.

Dr. Luka Kovac: Stop spinning, stop spinning!
Abby Lockhart: It's all in the wrist.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I think I pulled a muscle.
Abby Lockhart: I think we should take a break.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Draft please, Abby?
Abby Lockhart: Club soda.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Okay. So next time, I choose the sport maybe something more civilized? There's a pool table in my hotel.
Abby Lockhart: Your hotel?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Yeah. I don't own it. I just live there.
Abby Lockhart: You live in a hotel?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Yeah, as a doctor. I take care of the tourists. They give me a break on the rent.
[Abby laughs]
Dr. Luka Kovac: No! It's a good deal! Maid service, laundry, amenities.
[Abby gives him a pensive look]
Dr. Luka Kovac: No, no! It's great. You'll have to come see it.
Abby Lockhart: Your hotel room.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Yeah. I mean, I mean no. I mean yes. I mean... I'd never ask such a thing from a lady. Especially after just one kiss.
Abby Lockhart: [Abby Grins] No, I should hope not.
Dr. Luka Kovac: [Luka kisses Abby] Of course, that makes it two.

"ER: Nobody's Baby (#12.2)" (2005)
[Luka and Abby are talking about Sam's decision to move out of Luka's apartment]
Dr. Luka Kovac: I have a feeling it's a communication problem.
Abby Lockhart: Well, if you're not sure, it probably is. Sorry. Uh... if you want to talk about it.
Dr. Luka Kovac: No, no. I mean, if I wanted to talk about it, Sam probably wouldn't be moving out.
Abby Lockhart: Thanks, Luka.
[Luka looks at her, quizzically]
Abby Lockhart: I always thought it was my fault that things didn't work out between us, but now I know it was you.
[Luka smiles broadly, then laughs]
Dr. Luka Kovac: Hey, no problem.

"ER: Carter est Amoureux (#11.21)" (2005)
Meredith Smart - Couples Therapist: What are you feeling, Luka?
Dr. Luka Kovac: I'm happy! I'm happy and Sam's not. I don't know why. We're healthy, we enjoy each other... our work. We have a good life.
Meredith Smart - Couples Therapist: How does that make you feel, Sam?
Nurse Samantha Taggart: Like hitting him over the head with a hammer.

"ER: Lights Out (#13.20)" (2007)
[Luka is giving reassignments for when the ER shuts down]
Timmy Rawlins: What about me?
Dr. Luka Kovac: You're going to the cafeteria.
Timmy Rawlins: The cafe-what? Why don't they just give me a jockey suit and sit me out on the lawn?

"ER: Bygones (#8.17)" (2002)
Dr. Luka Kovac: [Coming home to find Abby sitting at his table looking through the paper] You're turning into a couch tomato.

"ER: Wake Up (#12.5)" (2005)
Dr. Abby Lockhart: [Abby runs into Luka coming off the elevator] Hey! Where ya going?
Dr. Luka Kovac: I need to get upstairs.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: For what?
[Abby holds up a hand and shakes her head]
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Never mind. The last time I reached out to someone, Dubenko tried to make me his concubine.

"ER: Scoop and Run (#13.9)" (2006)
Dr. Luka Kovac: Americans. So sentimental about their holidays.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: This from the guy who celebrates Croatian independence, Croatian State Day, and something called Patriotic Gratitude Day.

"ER: Cañon City (#12.1)" (2005)
Dr. Luka Kovac: I don't want what happened to my family to be the end of my story.

"ER: The Fastest Year (#6.19)" (2000)
Nurse Connie Oligario: What do you drive, Luka?
Dr. Luka Kovac: An old Saab.
Randi Fronczak: No, don't go Swedish! They've got the highest suicide rate, you know.

"ER: The Lost (#10.2)" (2003)
[In French]
Dr. Luka Kovac: I'm not a very good Christian.
Sakina: Of course you are. Only a man of God would be here.

"ER: Be Still My Heart (#6.13)" (2000)
Nurse Abby Lockhart: The patients don't mind this music?
Dr. Luka Kovac, Nurse Carol Hathaway: What?

"ER: Tell Me No Secrets... (#13.10)" (2006)
[to Joe]
Dr. Luka Kovac: Girls don't like it when you wear your food. Trust me.

"ER: Darfur (#12.15)" (2006)
Dr. Abby Lockhart: [Abby comes across a wrapped gift basket of baby things at the admit desk] What's this?
Frank Martin: Oh, that's for you and the little bastard.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Gee, thanks Frank.
Dr. Kerry Weaver: Congratulations!
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Thanks. It was supposed to be a secret...
[looking pointedly at Morris]
Dr. Archie Morris: What? Everyone was saying you were getting puffy. I had to defend you.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: [looks at Luka] Am I getting puffy?
Dr. Luka Kovac: You are not getting puffy.

"ER: Quintessence of Dust (#12.14)" (2006)
Dr. Luka Kovac: So what do you think?
Dr. Abby Lockhart: About what?
Dr. Luka Kovac: The baby's sex is right there on that amnio report.
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Did you know that the X chromosome contains three times as much genetic information as the Y? Do you think that's why men are simpler?
Dr. Luka Kovac: And you didn't ask.

"ER: Jigsaw (#13.7)" (2006)
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Crenshaw is such a little prick! You know what? I bet I could take him too. Actually, I definitely think I could take him. And you? Could kick his ass.
Dr. Luka Kovac: You're scaring me.

"ER: The Longer You Stay (#8.2)" (2001)
Dr. Luka Kovac: Why do you have to make such a big problem about everything? Like you have an insect in your anus.
Abby Lockhart: Okay, it's bug up my ass Luka. Bug up my ass. If you're going to insult me you could at least get the words right.

"ER: City of Mercy (#13.11)" (2006)
Dr. Luka Kovac: When Jasna and the kids died, I needed to make a change, and I decided to move here. Made my brother really angry. He said that I was a coward, and that I was running away. And it's only recently that I've come to know that he was wrong. I wasn't running away from anything. I was running to you. And I'll never let anything take this away.

"ER: Such Sweet Sorrow (#6.21)" (2000)
Carol Hathaway: I have to go find out.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Find out what?
Carol Hathaway: If he's still in love with me... because... I'm still in love with him. I am. I've been in love with him since I was 23 years old. He's everything to me. He's my life. I feel complete when I'm with him and I feel empty when we're apart. He's the father of my children... and he's my soulmate.

"ER: A Thousand Cranes (#9.16)" (2003)
[Luka is being required to talk to a psychiatrist]
Dr. Luka Kovac: My family died during the war in Croatia. So I came to America. I had a relationship with someone I cared about, which I then ruined. So I started to look for the answers in the wrong places, you know, like sex, drinking, living fast. I killed a patient I should have saved, and then I almost killed a medical student in a car crash. So I woke up one morning, and everything I thought I had was gone. Gone or broken. So what do you have for that?

"ER: Next of Kin (#9.9)" (2002)
Dr. Susan Lewis: You're late.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Blame my alarm clock.
Dr. Susan Lewis: What's her name?

"ER: Where the Heart Is (#7.21)" (2001)
Nurse Abby Lockhart: [Abby shows up to the ER team softball game after telling Luka she wouldn't be there] I like you in that hat.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Makes me look American, eh?

"ER: Foreign Affairs (#9.20)" (2003)
Dr. Luka Kovac: You, I need to talk to you.
[Chuck leans on the counter and looks at Luka]
Dr. Luka Kovac: What are you doing tonight?
Chuck Martin: Take it easy, cowboy. I'm a married man.

"ER: Heart of the Matter (#13.6)" (2006)
Frank Martin: Hey! You're not in jail!
Dr. Luka Kovac: Not this time, Frank.

"ER: A Walk in the Woods (#7.14)" (2001)
Abby Lockhart: You watch me when we make love...
Dr. Luka Kovac: You're beautiful.

"ER: I Don't (#13.21)" (2007)
Dr. Luka Kovac: Let's just get this over with. Dive into the ocean!
Dr. Abby Lockhart: Jump in the pool.

"ER: Great Expectations (#6.8)" (1999)
Dr. Luka Kovac: [Carol's water has broken on the train] Your contractions are too close together! You are in active labor!
Carol Hathaway: [Gives Luka an incredulous look] Gee, you think?

"ER: The Domino Heart (#6.11)" (2000)
Dr. Luka Kovac: It just started snowing, and you look like you're freezing.
Lucy Knight: I am
Lucy Knight: [Luka walks over and drapes his coat around her] No, that's okay
Dr. Luka Kovac: I'm European, we like to be gallant. Are you off? I've got two tickets to the circus.
Lucy Knight: Just coming on.
Dr. Luka Kovac: What are you doing here all day?
Lucy Knight: Not enough as it turns out. It's never been very easy for me to be here. Sometimes I felt like I would never fit in.
Dr. Luka Kovac: That's something I know about. But I moved around a lot, and I'm used to it.
Lucy Knight: But at the beginning of every day, I've been grateful that I'm walking in here on my own choosing, and not carried in on some gurney. And at the end of the day, if I've helped just one person, it's been worth it. And that didn't happen today, and that makes me sad.

"ER: A House Divided (#13.13)" (2007)
Dr. Kerry Weaver: Luka... take care of this place for me.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I will.

"ER: A Simple Twist of Fate (#8.14)" (2002)
Dr. Luka Kovac: [holding Brian against the pool table after he punched Abby] You touch her again... I'll kill you.

"ER: Man with No Name (#12.3)" (2005)
[a patients father has fought with Luka]
Dr. Gregory Pratt: How you doing?
Dr. Luka Kovac: That floor came out of nowhere.

"ER: The Providers (#11.12)" (2005)
Dr. Luka Kovac: Do you have an intern on this?
Dr. John Carter: I got Ray.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Uh... what do you think about taking Neela instead?
Dr. John Carter: Why is there a problem?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Just do me a favor, okay?
Dr. John Carter: Alright, send the Punjabi powerhouse my way.

"ER: Homecoming (#7.1)" (2000)
Dr. Dave Malucci: Whoa, she's dead.
Dr. Luka Kovac: I know.
Dr. Dave Malucci: Like, blue-dead.
Nurse Malik McGrath: Pulse-ox is 65.
Dr. Dave Malucci: That's because she's dead.

"ER: Ruby Redux (#11.19)" (2005)
Dr. Luka Kovac: John! What happened on the Morris meeting?
Dr. John Carter: I don't know. I left.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Kerry's leaning towards him.
Dr. John Carter: Yeah, well, OK.
Dr. Luka Kovac: Well, OK?
Dr. John Carter: We've had worse.
Dr. Luka Kovac: No, I don't think so.

"ER: Murmurs of the Heart (#13.14)" (2007)
Dr. Luka Kovac: I've had a gun pointed at me before. I know you're not the type of man to use that.
Curtis Ames: [pistol-whips Luka in the face] You see? I used it.

"ER: Match Made in Heaven (#6.18)" (2000)
Dr. Robert Romano: Luka! What is that, Croatian for "lucky"?
Dr. Luka Kovac: No. Luke.
Dr. Robert Romano: You sure?
Dr. Luka Kovac: Yeah.

"ER: I Do (#12.9)" (2005)
Abby Lockhart: Do you think we should be doing this?
Dr. Luka Kovac: I do!