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Tony Gates (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Graduation Day (#13.2)" (2006)
Dr. Tony Gates: You want fries or onion rings?
Dwight Zadro: Vegetables. I'm doing South Beach.
Dr. Tony Gates: You drank a milk shake an hour ago.

[Pratt comes over with a lab coat]
Dr. Gregory Pratt: Yo Gates! You want me to take this or put it in the lost and found for you?
Dr. Tony Gates: Oh, I don't do the whites. I'm into natural fibers.
Dr. Gregory Pratt: You know, Gates, you've always bugged me. But you're in my ER now, so put on the damn coat.

[about Neela]
Dr. Tony Gates: You know, I hear she had a roommate. Never tried to sleep with her.
Dr. Ray Barnett: What a dill weed.

Dr. Tony Gates: [to a man who has overdosed on heroin] Looks like you got a bad batch of heroin there. Knocked you on your ass. I hate when that happens. don't you?
Byron Evers: That's not funny, man.

Dr. Tony Gates: [to a man who has overdosed on heroin] Looks like you got a bad batch of heroin there. Knocked you on your ass. I hate when that happens. don't you?
Paramedic: That's not funny, man.

"ER: Parenthood (#13.4)" (2006)
Sarah Riley: You don't know what it's like for girls my age these days. There is a lot of pressure at school. What you wear, what you eat, what you don't eat.
Dr. Tony Gates: What's his name?
Sarah Riley: Who?
Dr. Tony Gates: This is obviously about a guy.
Sarah Riley: No it's not.
Dr. Tony Gates: Yes it is.
Sarah Riley: Maybe I *should* dress like a hussy.
Dr. Tony Gates: Maybe we should get you a plaid jacket, and we'll just tell everyone you're a lesbian.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: What are the options with a hemodynamically-stable, wide-complex tachyarrhythmia?
Jane Figler: Lidocaine, if you think v-tach.
Dr. Gregory Pratt: What else?
Jane Figler: [silence]
Dr. Tony Gates: [coughing] Amiodarone!
Jane Figler: Okay, I'm guessing amiodarone.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: What were you doing with a rib spreader?
Dr. Tony Gates: One of your minor victims from the explosion came in with metal wrapped around his leg. It was occluding blood flow to the foot, so I used the rib spreader to pull the metal off. It seemed safer than a blow torch, right?

Sarah Riley: Knock knock... you decent?
Dr. Tony Gates: I'm in my thong!

"ER: A House Divided (#13.13)" (2007)
Dr. Tony Gates: Here you go.
[squeaky voice]
Dr. Tony Gates: Thank you, Tony.
[normal voice]
Dr. Tony Gates: You're welcome, Sarah. Hey, come on, you can't stay mad at me forever.
Sarah Riley: Why not?
Dr. Tony Gates: Because of this.
[makes sad face]
Sarah Riley: What are you doing?
Dr. Tony Gates: My sympathetic doctor face.
Sarah Riley: You look stupid.

Dr. Ray Barnett: Way to go.
Dr. Tony Gates: It was your fault.
Dr. Ray Barnett: Yeah, right.
Dr. Tony Gates: Yeah, I am right.
Dr. Ray Barnett: Don't be an idiot.
Dr. Tony Gates: Ass-for-brains.

Dr. Neela Rasgotra: You called for a consult?
Dr. Tony Gates: Actually, I dialed the Hot Surgeons chat line.

Dr. Tony Gates: You won't care about me in a few years, anyway. You'll run off an marry that Horndog character, and have six kids and eight cats.
Sarah Riley: We broke up.
Dr. Tony Gates: What?
Sarah Riley: Yeah.
Dr. Tony Gates: Oh, God, you know, I really never liked that guy.
Sarah Riley: It was my fault. He found out I like Kevin MacIntyre.
Dr. Tony Gates: Jezebel!

"ER: And in the End... (#15.22)" (2009)
Paul Manning: I'm not ready to lose her.
Tony Gates: It's time to talk about how to make her as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Cate Banfield: Gates, is it my imagination, or is Dr. Carter, who is not on duty by the way, in Trauma One with a patient demonstrating IV placement to a college student.
Tony Gates: What?
Dr. Cate Banfield: Never mind... Jerry, why is Dr. Carter performing medical procedures on our patients.
Jerry Markovic: Uh... because he's a doctor.

"ER: Scoop and Run (#13.9)" (2006)
[Lulu has abdominal pain]
Lulu Davis: It started during the salad.
Dr. Tony Gates: Salad for Thanksgiving? Your family's weird!

Dr. Tony Gates: Meg and I, it's over.
Dr. Neela Rasgotra: I thought you weren't together.
Dr. Tony Gates: Well, we weren't. But now we're not even *not* together anymore.

"ER: Ames v. Kovac (#13.5)" (2006)
Dr. Abby Lockhart: I don't want to be one of those crazy mothers who checks in with the babysitter every hour.
Dr. Tony Gates: My babysitter used to tie me to my high chair.
[Abby gives him a horrified look]
Dr. Tony Gates: I'm sure yours is much better.

Dr. Abby Lockhart: [to Gates] Didn't you used to be...
Dr. Tony Gates: A paramedic. Yeah and now I'm an intern.
Dr. Gregory Pratt: Yeah, and next week he wants to be a cowboy.
Dr. Tony Gates: Astronaut!

"ER: Reason to Believe (#13.8)" (2006)
Dr. Tony Gates: Cue Ball, where are you going?
Hector Rodriguez: Home, man. They fixed me up.
Kipke: Cue Ball? Hey, I knew your parents, 8-ball and Highball!

[about the boy Sarah likes]
Dr. Tony Gates: What do you think of this kid?
Meg Riley: Seems okay. Polite, kind of quiet.
Dr. Tony Gates: All the common traits of a serial killer.

"ER: Crisis of Conscience (#13.16)" (2007)
Dr. Tony Gates: Hey Mayday, how's it going?
Dr. Neela Rasgotra: Well, my attending thinks I'm a complete idiot, and Crenshaw's back to being a little bitch.

"ER: Breach of Trust (#13.12)" (2007)
Sarah Riley: You must be that guy who's always riding Uncle Tony. You know, like a bull in heat?
Dr. Tony Gates: Shh!
Dr. Gregory Pratt: So, uh, what else does Uncle Tony say about me?
Sarah Riley: The rest I'm not allowed to say.

"ER: Haunted (#15.5)" (2008)
Dr. Tony Gates: Can I have a piece of candy?
[Owen shakes his head no]
Dr. Tony Gates: No? You have enough sugar in there to put all of Chicago into a diabetic coma. One piece?
[Owen shakes his head no again]
Dr. Tony Gates: All right. You know what you're doing there? It's called emotional eating.

"ER: Tell Me No Secrets... (#13.10)" (2006)
Katey Alvaro: [examining the X-ray of a patient] How'd he get an ice pick shoved in his ear?
Tony Gates: Ran out of Q-tips?

"ER: Skye's the Limit (#14.9)" (2007)
[Sarah is having a sleepover]
Sarah Riley: Oh, you should know, Steffie's a vegan, Kiki has a soy allergy, and Mary Claire is lactose intolerant.
Dr. Tony Gates: What's left to eat, air?

"ER: City of Mercy (#13.11)" (2006)
Dr. Tony Gates: If we have a problem man, just spit it out, 'cause I don't speak bitchy.
Dr. Ray Barnett: Oh, you seem pretty fluent to me.

"ER: Heart of the Matter (#13.6)" (2006)
Dr. Tony Gates: Women are weird.
Frank Martin: No, Neela's weird. Indian and Brit, bad combination.

"ER: Love Is a Battlefield (#15.13)" (2009)
Dr. Simon Brenner: You've been married and divorced three times to each other?
Harry Feingold: What can I tell you? I'm a glutton for punishment.
Dr. Tony Gates: All right, any pain in the stomach?
Barbara Feingold: Not really. But I do have a pain in my ass, and he's standing two feet away.

"ER: Gravity (#14.4)" (2007)
Dr. Neela Rasgotra: Are you ever gonna tell me why you call me that?
Dr. Tony Gates: Mayday? Well, she was my favorite Bond girl. Grace Jones in "A View To A Kill". Started off as a bad guy, then she saved the whole world. Hey, you're lucky. Could have been Pussy Galore.

"ER: The Beginning of the End (#15.16)" (2009)
Dr. Tony Gates: Women: can't live with them, can't shoot them.

"ER: Heal Thyself (#15.7)" (2008)
Dr. Tony Gates: Can I hug you? I wanna hug you.
Dr. Cate Banfield: You try that and you'll be the one with a traumatic injury.

"ER: From Here to Paternity (#13.17)" (2007)
Dr. Tony Gates: Don't steal any paintings.
Sarah Riley: Don't kill any patients.
Dr. Tony Gates: I'm allowed one a day!

"ER: Blackout (#14.7)" (2007)
[the rest of the staff doesn't like the singers]
Dr. Tony Gates: Some people actually like it.
Dr. Gregory Pratt: Oh yeah, what people?
[Tony indicates to Frank, who is singing along]
Nurse Chuny Marquez: Frank's not people.

"ER: Coming Home (#14.8)" (2007)
Julia Dupree: I don't like sleeping over this early in a relationship.
Dr. Tony Gates: Wow. All right, well, just leave the money on the dresser on your way out.

"ER: Another Thursday at County (#15.2)" (2008)
Dr. Tony Gates: Talk to the patient!
Dr. Daria Wade: Oh, um, okay... so how did you become a bioterrorist?

"ER: The War Comes Home (#14.1)" (2007)
Dr. James Broderick: You know, when I touch you like this, we are exchanging matter on a subatomic particle level.
Dr. Tony Gates: Right, well, I don't know where your atoms have been, so it's best if you just keep them to yourself.

"ER: Atonement (#14.13)" (2008)
[Neela's hand was injured in a hockey game]
Dr. Neela Rasgotra: If I can't operate, you're dead!
Dr. Archie Morris: Wuss!
Dr. Dustin Crenshaw: You hack!
Harold Zelinsky: Beeyotch!
Dr. Tony Gates: Who are you yelling at, Harold?
Harold Zelinsky: I don't really know.