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Quotes for
Misty Sutphin (Character)
from Serial Mom (1994)

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Serial Mom (1994)
Chip Sutphin: Dad, you don't think she did it, do you?
Misty Sutphin: I do! Mom's gone crazy.
Eugene Sutphin: Your mother may have some problems. That's all.

Misty Sutphin: I'm stood up! I'll kill that bastard! I mean it, he should be dead that lousy creep! He told me he'd be here! I'll kill him!
Beverly Sutphin: Umm, don't use words unless you mean them, Misty.

Misty Sutphin: He killed people, mom.
Beverly Sutphin: We all have our bad days.

Misty Sutphin: [upset after learning her mother may be a serial killer] Now I'll never get a boyfriend!

[first lines]
Eugene Sutphin: That's a nice dress you're wearing this morning, Misty.
Misty Sutphin: Thanks.