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Quotes for
Chip Sutphin (Character)
from Serial Mom (1994)

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Serial Mom (1994)
Chip Sutphin: Dad, you don't think she did it, do you?
Misty Sutphin: I do! Mom's gone crazy.
Eugene Sutphin: Your mother may have some problems. That's all.

Chip Sutphin: If mom's psycho, Scotty will still be okay, won't he?
Eugene Sutphin: We hope so, son. And no matter what your mother is, we'll love her anyway.

Beverly Sutphin: Do you think I need a lawyer?
Chip Sutphin: You need an agent.

Chip: I'm so happy I could shit.
Beverly: Chip, you know how I hate the brown word.

Chip: Mom, are you a serial killer?
Beverly: The only "serial" I know anything about is Rice Krispies.

Chip Sutphin: Did you bring back "Ghost Dad"?
Emma Lou Jenson: There ya go.
[handing over video]
Emma Lou Jenson: I just love Bill Cosby pictures!

Chip Sutphin: [about "Blood Feast"] The "Citizen Kane" of gore movies.