Ste Pearce
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Ste Pearce (Character)
from Beautiful Thing (1996)

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Beautiful Thing (1996)
Jamie: Scared of being called "queer"?
Ste: Are you?
Jamie: Maybe... maybe not.
Ste: And are ya?
Jamie: Queer?
Ste: Gay.
Jamie: Very happy. I'm happy when I'm with you...

Ste: There ain't nowhere else.
Sandra: There is, actually, Ste. There's an island in the Mediterranean called Lesbian, and all its inhabitants are dykes. So you've got your eye wiped there.

Ste: You always wear glasses when you read?
Jamie: Supposed to.
Ste: But you don't at school.
Jamie: It's hardly fetching, is it?
Ste: Nah, looks all right.
Jamie: Really?
Ste: I'm tellin' ya.
Jamie: Cheers.

Ste: Do you think I'm queer?
Jamie Gangel: It don't matter what I think.

Ste: [reading magazine] You cannot transmit the HIV virus by frottage.
Ste: What's frottage?
Jamie Gangel: It's yogurt. It's French.

Jamie: You're not ugly.
Ste: They've made me ugly.