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Quotes for
Gina (Character)
from Honey (2003)

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Honey (2003)
[Katrina bumps into Honey]
Gina: I think you owe her an apology.
Katrina: I don't owe anybody anything, especially not some section eight, no-rhythm-having club ho. People pay me to dance. Be gone. Whoo!

Gina: Hmm. Sounds like somebody's trying to dip their fingers in the Honey jar to me.
Honey: Gina, he's my boss.
Gina: You say that like you never heard of Monica Lewinsky.

Gina: Well, there's only one world - the real world - and in that world if a man takes a woman out on a Friday night in her hooker heels and she can't bring her homegirl, he tryin' to get some booty.

Gina: Who's that?
Honey: I don't know... just some guy from the center.
Gina: Well he's fine, why you duckin'?
Honey: I'm not duckin'!
Gina: You duckin'! You duckin' like a bobblehead!
[Wobbles her head around]

Gina: Honey, you got skills. And that's gonna take you places.