Honey Daniels
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Honey Daniels (Character)
from Honey (2003)

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Honey (2003)
Honey: I like that. Your flavor's hot.

Honey: Haven't you seen my hip-hop class? They love it.
Ma: But hip-hop can't take you the places where ballet can.

Honey: Oh, I forgot. I'm suppose to see all the beautiful things in this world.
Ma: Well, there's nothing wrong with my wanting that for you.
Honey: No, but what about what I want?

Chaz: Besides, I never mess up a kid's head, especially when his mom's in the shop.
Honey: [Chuckles] He's eight. That would have made me 14. I'm not that kind of girl.
Chaz: My bad.
Honey: We just peoples.
Raymond: Yeah, we peoples.
Chaz: You peoples? Playa, playa, how'd you swing that? I've been tryin' to be her peoples for weeks. Ain't had no luck.
Raymond: I got flow.
[All laughing]
Chaz: I got flow too. You don't think I got some flow?
Raymond: Maybe not as much as me.

Honey: I want you to fire 'em. I want you to tell them why you're not using 'em.
Michael Ellis: What makes you think I care what you want?

Michael Ellis: Bitch, how you gonna play me like that? Oh. Oh, I see. I see. You're one of those.
Honey: I'm not one of anything. I'm just not up for this.

Gina: Hmm. Sounds like somebody's trying to dip their fingers in the Honey jar to me.
Honey: Gina, he's my boss.
Gina: You say that like you never heard of Monica Lewinsky.

Gina: Who's that?
Honey: I don't know... just some guy from the center.
Gina: Well he's fine, why you duckin'?
Honey: I'm not duckin'!
Gina: You duckin'! You duckin' like a bobblehead!
[Wobbles her head around]

[in a juvenile detention centre]
Honey: You know your lil homies that have always got your back?
Benny: Yea
Honey: Have any of them come to visit you?
[Benny looks around very disappointed]
Honey: Yea, you just think about that!

Honey: It was everything I always wanted. But when I had got it, it felt like nothing, less than nothing.