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Quotes for
Ed Walters (Character)
from I.Q. (1994)

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I.Q. (1994)
Catherine Boyd: I need to call a phone. Do you mind if I use your cab?
Ed Walters: There's a cab in the office.

Ed Walters: It was like death - but in a good way.

Catherine Boyd: You took Albert Einstein for a ride on that thing?
Ed Walters: Sure.
Catherine Boyd: Well don't ever do that again!
Ed Walters: Come on. He loved it. He went Wahoo.
Catherine Boyd: Wahoo?
Ed Walters: When's the last time he said Wahoo?
Catherine Boyd: Well I'm sure I don't know.
Ed Walters: When's the last time *you* said Wahoo?
Catherine Boyd: Well I'm *sure* I don't know.

Albert Einstein: Are you thinking what I am thinking?
Ed Walters: Well what would be the odds of that happening?

Ed Walters: Frank, this is Albert Einstein, the smartest man in the world.
Frank: [greeting Einstein] How they hanging?

Albert Einstein: Catherine is my niece.
Ed Walters: She's your niece?
Albert Einstein: Yes
Ed Walters: She's... your niece?
Albert Einstein: I can't have a niece?
Ed Walters: But that makes you... her uncle.
Albert Einstein: It works nicely, doesn't it?

Louis Bamberger: "New Jersey: Leader in Intergalactic Rocket Exploration." How's that sound for a license plate?
Ed Walters: Long?

Ed Walters: ...nuclear configuration, is given given by the expectation value of the nuclear Hamiltonian of the state of n neutrons and n protons. Reaction will occur if the energy of the fused state is lower than the energy of the two separate nuclei.
Ed Walters: Go on. Go on.
Ed Walters: Our task is to see if the dynamics dictated by the interaction Hamiltonian generates a sufficiently rapid reaction to make cold fusion powered engines feasible.

Ed Walters: You see, you have a Lucas type four generator on a 12-volt system, and you know the British. They'd rather spend time gluing wood on a dashboard than getting the electrical system right.
James Moreland: Fascinating, but what is wrong with the car?
Ed Walters: [while looking at Catherine Boyd] Well, my guess is your stroke is too short and you're getting premature ignition. Does it ever feel that way?

Ed Walters: You were a patent clerk.
Albert Einstein: Sigmund Freud, I'm sure, was a tobacconist.