Holly Waits
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Holly Waits (Character)
from Troll 2 (1990)

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Troll 2 (1990)
[Elliott sneaks into Holly's bedroom]
Holly: Elliott! What kind of idiotic joke is this? You scared the shit out of me!
Elliott: I'm the victim of a nocturnal rapture. I have to release my lowest instincts with a woman.
Holly: [Punches Elliott in the groin] Release your instincts in the bathroom.
Elliott: Are you nuts? You tryin' to turn me into a homo?
Holly: Wouldn't be too hard. If my father discovers you here, he'd cut off your little nuts and eat them. He can't stand you.

[after her seductive dance in the mirror]
Holly: Dear Elliot Cooper, tomorrow morning will be your final chance. The beautiful Holly Waites, or your little boys. Make a choice Elliot.

Diana: Don't hit him, Michael! PLEASE don't hit him!
Holly: Why not? It's what he deserves - a big spanking for a little shit!
Diana: Joshua is not a little shit; he's just very sensitive.

Holly: But how are we going to make grandpa come?

Joshua: We NEED Grandpa Seth here!
Holly: But how do we get him to come? By having a seance maybe?
Joshua: You're genius big sister!

Michael: We left at nine thirty an hour and a half off schedule and we never saw a sign of your beau.
Holly: Elliot is not my beau! He's my boyfriend and he told me last night that he loves me and that he wanted to come on this trip with me and my family.

Michael: I never liked that kid, I never did.
Holly: I'm the one who has to like him, Dad! Me alone!
Diana: Stop it, PLEASE!

Holly: [after vigorously dancing to some music played on a radio in front of her reflection in the mirror, before turning it off] Dear Elliott Cooper, tomorrow morning will be your final judgement. Either me, or your boys. Take it or leave it. The beautiful Holly Waits...
[fluffing her hair]
Holly: or your lovely little boys. Make a choice, Elliott!

Seth: [Grandpa Seth's whole head only appears in front of Holly's reflection in the mirror, before the lights begin to flicker] Joshua! Joshua!
[dashes out her bedroom]
Holly: Ahhhhhh! Mom! Dad! Mom!
[banging vigorously on her parents' bedroom door]
Diana: [comforting Holly who is at this point panicking] What is it?
Michael: What's the matter?
Holly: I saw him!
Diana: Who? Who did you see?
Holly: Grandpa Seth!
Joshua: See, it wasn't me this time!

Holly: [staring and smiling maniacally into the camera, during Joshua's dream sequence as he is turned into a tree] I'd like to see YOU get sick!

Holly: What's for breakfast?
Diana: [shrugs] Nothing.
Holly: What? I'm hungry enough to eat a horse. I've been fasting for two days.