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Graham Knox (Character)
from Single White Female (1992)

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Single White Female (1992)
[Graham warns Allie to get rid of Hedy out of her apartment]
Graham Knox: Allie, either she's gone by Saturday or I go to the police, okay?
Allison Jones: [Allie smiles] That was pretty impressive.
Graham Knox: I can be butch when I have to. I get it from my mother.

[Allie talks to Graham about not wanting to live alone]
Allison Jones: It's just - Living alone, you know? And the thought of buying those books like Cooking For One and... It's just too depressing.
Graham Knox: There are worse things than being on your own, you know?
Allison Jones: Maybe it's all a sign I should go home.
Graham Knox: Come on. You came here for a reason. Sam has nothing to do with that. No guy does. You think I'd let some guy interfere with my acting career? Assuming I had a career, or a guy to interfere with it.
Allison Jones: You'll find someone again.
Graham Knox: Maybe I will - Why not? But the point is, if I don't... I don't.
Allison Jones: I know that. I can do it on my own.
Graham Knox: Absolutely.
Allison Jones: I'll just get a roommate.

[Graham talks to Allie on the street about her new roommate Hedy]
Graham Knox: Ready to kill her yet?
Allison Jones: Who? Hedy?
Graham Knox: Mm-hmm.
Allison Jones: No, no. It's kind of fun having a girlfriend again.
Graham Knox: I can tell. I was worried for a while there, you were so down. You were starting to look like a Kennedy wife.

[Graham tells Allie that he can hear her and Sam have sex]
Graham Knox: Oh, this is a little embarrassing, but... since we're letting our hair down - These old air vents between our apartments carry sound. It's a weird accoustic thing.
Allison Jones: Well, what do you hear?
[the two remain quiet before laughing together]
Allison Jones: [Allie embarrassed] Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, God. I'm so embarrassed.