Bud Macintosh
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Bud Macintosh (Character)
from Bio-Dome (1996)

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Bio-Dome (1996)
Doyle: I don't want to have to eat you!
Bud: I don't want you to eat me either.

Bud: Shaved-down pool nazis oiling up our women and swimming with them in an olympic-sized toilet.

Doyle: Hi, I'm Doyle.
Bud: And I'm Bud.
Bud, Doyle: And when where not saving the environment, we're thinkin' of you, naked, thigh deep in tofu.

Bud: 'Scuse me miss. Are you tired?
Mimi: What?
Bud: Are you tired?
Mimi: No. Why?
Bud: 'Cause you've been running through my mind all day.

Bud: Excuse me, miss? Did it hurt?
Mimi: Did WHAT hurt?
Bud: When you fell from heaven. Did it hurt?

Falkner: What do you guys want out of life?
Bud: To die and come back as a leotard.

Bud: We have to show the girls that we care about the environment, too.
Doyle: Do we?
Bud: No.

Bud: Vazquez Lake?
Doyle: More like Vazquez crap hole.

Bud: Everything?
[flash back of Bud And Doyle shaving a dog]

Monique: What about hands across America?
Bud: I had arthritis!
Monique: Farm aide?
Doyle: I had fleas!
Monique: The Save the Whales Campaign?
Bud: Salt water makes Doyle bloat...?

Bud: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute! You guys aren't one of those freaky cults are you? Y'know, who dance naked and you want us to take off our clothes and feed us special punch?
Falkner: ...No...
Bud: Damn! We were so close.

Bud: Alright people, stay with the group and remember here at the bio we're dependent on keeping homos balanced within the system!

Bud: I propose that we plant these seeds and I know what your thinkin' "Illegal! Illegal!" but the value of purple sticky punch goes way beyond just tokin' it!

Bud: And you're very, VERY good at it Stubs!

Doyle: First Frisky now this! All I know is someone's goin' down!
Bud: Whoa Doyle! Put the gun down, put the gun down stubs! We don't need evil right now, evil is not good!

Bud: Dennis Hopper Blue Velvet, Oh I'm slutty Oh I'm slutty

Bud: Free Mahi Mahi! Free Mahi Mahi!

Bud: I'm a Sherman tank!

Bud: Russel! How'd you get a job?
Russell: Fucking President Clinton.
Doyle: You had sex with President Clinton?

Bud: We have chippies, We have chippies, we got lots of stuff to eat!

Young Bud: Fly Mary Poppins, Fly! Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious!
Young Doyle: Can we do it again Squirrely?