Jubei Kibagami
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Jubei Kibagami (Character)
from Ninja Scroll (1993)

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Ninja Scroll (1993)
Jubei: Burn in your golden HELL.

Jubei: Gemma, where are you hiding? When I die, I'll take you to Hell with me.

Jubei: If you so want the company of devils, you'd better hurry back to hell, Gemma.

Lord Himuro Gemma: I won't let you die before I torture you enough to pay me back. To pay me back for my destroyed dream.
Jubei: Your dream? Of becoming the only true Shogun of the Dark? That's a laugh. If you became a shogun, there'd be nothing but devils in this world. If you so want the company of devils, you'd better hurry back to hell Gemma.

Utsutsu Mujuro: If you want to kill me, you mustn't make any sound at all.
Jubei: The only sound you'll hear, is the sound of your own voice screaming.

Dakuan: They poisoned the wells, and killed the villagers, and then said it was an infectious disease. This was their method of keeping the curious away. They're planning something, something very extraordinary.
Jubei: I'm interested in finding out what it is they're planning.
Dakuan: That's admirable. But don't get yourself in too deep, or you'll surely wind up dead.

Jubei: Gemma! Did you miss the flames of hell? Is that why you came here?
Lord Himuro Gemma: So it's you Jubei. I should have finished you off myself when I had the opportunity.
Jubei: I thought rats usually leave a sinking ship.
Lord Himuro Gemma: I suppose you want to avenge that ninja girl Kagero. She's nothing compared to what I'm going to lose with this ship.
Jubei: Prepare to lose your life as well!

Jubei: I swear if you'll come back to life again that I'll kill you again, no matter how many times! Aaaaaaah!

Jubei: [Wakes up from sleep] Uh! Gemma!... Oh.
Kagero: I'm sorry.
Jubei: Forget about it. Haven't the retainers of the castle taken some action yet?
Kagero: They've had two hours.
Jubei: Hmmm. I see.
Kagero: You knew it was a trap, and yet you still came to rescue me. Why did you do that? Why risk your life to save me?
Jubei: Because we're comrades.
Kagero: Comrades?
Jubei: Why not? We've helped each other out many times since we met yesterday. You're my comrade.
Jubei: [Jubei gets up to leave. Kagero follows him] Stay here. The Mochizuki clan has already backed out of this. You mission here is completed.
Kagero: I'm not done yet. I still have a debt that I owe to you.
Jubei: You can pay it back later.
Kagero: Not if you're dead ninja Jubei! I'll take care of this right now!
[Kagero proceeds to take off her clothes]
Jubei: What are you doing?
Kagero: The old man told me how to do it. Counteract the poison. Kill poison with poison he said. He said, if you make love to me, you'll be free from poison. Mine will destroy it... So you must take me now.

Jubei: Who was he, that devil back there? Never mind, I don't really want to meet him again.
Kagero: I'm grateful to you. I am Kagero of the Koga ninja team.
Jubei: My name's Jubei, Jubei Kibagami. Are you certain you're alright?
Kagero: I am not in danger anymore. Kikio is west of here. I must go now.

Jubei: I'll kill you yet!
Lord Himuro Gemma: No one can kill me. This, you of all men should know by now. I have become immortal as a true demon.

Jubei: [after killing Utsutso Mujuro, angry at Kagero for interfering] Haven't you had enough yet? What are you thinking?
Kagero: Why have you become so desperate to die?
Jubei: It's not me who is so desperate to throw my life away to return a favour! You're acting as if your life is worthless or something. Is it true then, that you kill whichever man sleeps with you? By poisoning him?
Kagero: You'll know if you sleep with me.
Kagero: [Jubei embraces Kagero but Kagero backs away] No you fool! Poison is seeped into every part of my being. It's become so strong that even the touch of my lips can kill you instantly. No one can ever touch me. If you dare to, you're dead.
Jubei: Is your heart filled with poison as well?
Kagero: [Gasps] How dare you!
Jubei: I hate those who think so little of thier own worth.
Kagero: What do you know of it? You will never know.

Jubei Kibagami: [Jubei and Kagero are hanging off a cliff by a thread] Just gonna hang onto me all day?