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Quotes for
K2 (Character)
from District B13 (2004)

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District B13 (2004)
K2: I must have an effect on you fags, eh? I step out of my car and you already sprang your trap.

K2: You go up the stairs, I'll take the elevator. For once it's not broken.

K2: Whoa! What are you trying to do? Get me killed? Alive, remember? Taha wants him alive.

Taha: So. Which one of you has a suggestion for me, so he doesn't slip away again?
[Thus shaking their heads]
Taha: [Shoots the first through third thugs]
K2: Wait! I - I got an idea.
Taha: Ah, K2. That's great. Go on...
K2: Well, since it was Leito who dumped all the dope then he has to give us the cash for it.
Taha: That's just common sense; I asked you for an idea.
[Aims the gun again]
K2: Wait! Hold on.
Taha: Go on.
K2: His sister Lola, Leiton's sister works at the supermarket. If we've got her he won't stay in hiding for long.
Taha: Now that's what I call an idea.

K2: What the fuck is wrong with everyone today?