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Quotes for
Capt. Damien Tomaso (Character)
from District B13 (2004)

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District B13 (2004)
Damien: But it will kill millions.
Taha: Ah, but they should have thought of that when they made it, for example, eh?

Damien: You really think the government would kill two million people just for having a few problems?
Leïto: Six million died for not having blonde hair and blue eyes.

Leïto: [encountering Yeti] Taha left us a present
Damien: Well let's go and unwrap it then

Damien: [impressed, after watching Leito tie up Yeti] Where did you learn that?
Leïto: A cookbook or some official manual... I don't remember.

District 13: Ultimatum (2009)
Leïto: What are you doing?
Capt. Damien Tomaso: Thinking.
Leïto: I don't like it when you think.