Leonard Ferroni
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Leonard Ferroni (Character)
from Big Trouble (2002)

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Big Trouble (2002)
Leonard: If I don't shoot someone soon, I'm gonna forget how.

Henry Desalvo: We have a die-hard situation developing in the kitchen.
Leonard: What's happening?
Henry Desalvo: Well, either he's going to whack 'em with a rolling pin or bake him a cake. I don't know. Could go either way with this crew.

[In the Jolly Jackal Russian's bar; Leo is holding a baseball bat]
Leonard: Out!
Snake: [about Puggy] He broke my ankle!
Leonard: I break your head!

[Henry and Leonard are stuck in the middle of a big traffic jam, just right before the Airport Road]
Henry Desalvo: We're gonna miss our flight.
Leonard: You see what the problem is?
Henry Desalvo: I don't know. There's some kind of commotion up there. There might be something about it on the radio.

Leonard: Look at this thing. He's the size of a Buick.
Henry Desalvo: She.
Leonard: She what?
Henry Desalvo: The mosquito is a she.
Leonard: How the hell can you tell that?
Henry Desalvo: Discovery channel. Only the female mosquito sucks your blood.
Leonard: Sounds like my ex-wife. "Bitch."

Henry Desalvo: [back at his table] You go tell your employer it's gonna cost him another 10 G's apiece.
His Boss: Okay. But we want this finished as soon as possible.
Henry Desalvo: Well, believe me, we don't want to spend anymore time in this garden spot than we have to.
Leonard: Got that right.

Annoyed Sports Radio Host: I'm looking for one brave Gators fan to call, just one. Oh so Gators fans talk trash all the time but when they play a game and lose nobody has the guts to call in?
Leonard: What are Gators?
Henry Desalvo: Football. College.
Confused Sports Radio Call In: I'm a Gators fan.
Annoyed Sports Radio Host: And what do you have to say?
Confused Sports Radio Call In: You said that Gators fans don't have the guts to call in.
Annoyed Sports Radio Host: Your point?
Confused Sports Radio Call In: My point is that I'm calling you now.
Leonard: [notices Snake and Eddie escorting Arthur wearing dark-colored pantyhose on their head] Is that him?
Henry Desalvo: I think we got Gator fans.

Leonard: [during their second attempt to kill Arthur] What's happening?
Henry Desalvo: Well, Moron #1 is tying up the family.
Leonard: So take the shot.
Henry Desalvo: I would, but Moron #2 just came back with a couple of Miami's Finest.
Henry Desalvo: [Henry notices Eliot in the kitchen] Hold on a second. We have a Die Hard situation developing in the kitchen.
Leonard: What?
Henry Desalvo: There's a guy there in the kitchen.
Leonard: A guy? What's he doing?
Henry Desalvo: Well my guess is he's either gonna whack em' with a rolling pin or he's gonna bake em' a cake. I don't know. Could go either way with this crew.
Henry Desalvo: [sees Eliot grab Matt's water pistol] Holy shit. Betty Crocker's got a squirt gun!
Leonard: Let me look!
Henry Desalvo: Forget about it. This is better than pay-per-view.
Henry Desalvo: [sees Eliot make the water pistol look like a real gun] There goes the warranty, and here comes the Iron Chef.