Eliot Arnold
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Eliot Arnold (Character)
from Big Trouble (2002)

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Big Trouble (2002)
Eliot Arnold: Do you think someone's trying to kill your husband?
Anna Herk: God, I hope so!

Eliot Arnold: Arthur Herk. One of the few Floridians who was NOT confused when he voted for Pat Buchanan.

Eliot Arnold: I hope you're not gonna give me a ticket for this.
Officer Walter Kramitz: If I don't see them, I don't write them.

Eliot Arnold: Strip poker. Strip poker. Now, that's a good game.
[Grabs a squirt gun away from Matt]
Eliot Arnold: This is a stupid game.
Matt Arnold: Dad, no offense, but only a moron would mistake that for a real gun.
Eliot Arnold: You could've been killed. And where's your partner in crime?
Matt Arnold: Andrew?
Jenny Herk: He ran the other way.
Eliot Arnold: Did anybody call the police?

Arthur Herk: [to Eliot] Now you and your shithead kid can get the hell out of here, and never come back.
Eliot Arnold: Thanks for everything.

Eliot Arnold: Let go of the suitcase!
Snake: The Kingpin will never let go of the Kingpin's suitcase!

Snake: [on seeing Eddie out cold on the floor] Eddie... get up! Get up, you lazy shit!
Eliot Arnold: [confronting Snake] He's not lazy, he's unconscious.

Matt Arnold: I hope they don't have a dog.
Eliot Arnold: [narrating] As it turns out, the Herks did have a dog. His name was Roger and he was the random result of generations of hasty, unplanned dog sex.

Matt Arnold: Dad, the goat kicked your Geo's ass.
Eliot Arnold: The car is a piece of shit, OK?

Bruce: [about his ad] She should be bending over for maximum exposure.
Eliot Arnold: [thinks about it] Maximum exposure...

Eliot Arnold: What *is* it that brings two strangers together so that one soul inhabits two bodies? Sometimes it's profound. Sometimes it's Fritos.