Harry Goldenblatt
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Harry Goldenblatt (Character)
from "Sex and the City" (1998)

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Sex and the City (2008)
Harry Goldenblatt: I'm a big pile of love today.

Harry Goldenblatt: It's my lot in life to be surrounded by beautiful women.

"Sex and the City: Critical Condition (#5.6)" (2002)
Harry Goldenblatt: [reading telegram from Trey MacDougal] Charolette York was a wonderful wife -Stop- She did nothing wrong -Stop- Give her everything she wants -Stop- Seriously mother -Stop.

"Sex and the City: Catch-38 (#6.15)" (2004)
Charlotte York: [on the phone with Miranda] Brady saw us having sex!
Miranda: And?
Charlotte York: He was looking at me, during -!
Miranda: Charlotte, he doesn't know what that is. He doesn't know where his nose is.
Charlotte York: [yelling] Harry! Brady can't be anywhere near this conversation!
Harry Goldenblatt: I think it's too late, he just said, "Sex is dirty."
Charlotte York: That's not funny!

"Sex and the City: The Big Journey (#5.7)" (2002)
Harry Goldenblatt: Charlotte, you're so beautiful. Your skin is so soft, so smooth...
Charlotte York: And you... have a hard dick.

"Sex and the City: I Love a Charade (#5.8)" (2002)
[at Bobby and Bitsy's wedding]
Samantha Jones: Something tells me Bitsy's not *doing* Fine.
Harry Goldenblatt: And that's the bit of information she's been "von Muffling."

"Sex and the City: To Market, to Market (#6.1)" (2003)
Harry Goldenblatt: [talking about his mother's insistence that he marry a Jewish woman] Keeping tradition alive is very important to her. She lost family in the Holocaust.
Charlotte York: [makes a face]
Harry Goldenblatt: What?
Charlotte York: Well, now I can't say anything because you've brought up... the Holocaust.

"Sex and the City: A Woman's Right to Shoes (#6.9)" (2003)
Harry Goldenblatt: Oh, I get it. We got kind of an ass-white couch situation here.

"Sex and the City: An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux (#6.20)" (2004)
Charlotte: [hearing the front door open] Hi, honey. I'm a bad wife. I ordered Chinese.
Harry: I got something from China, too. They're giving us a baby.
Charlotte: What? How?
Harry: I guess God remembered our address. We get her in six months... and here she is.
[hands Charlotte a photo of the baby]
Charlotte: [smiling through tears] That's our baby. I know it. That's really our baby!