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Quotes for
Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod (Character)
from "Sex and the City" (1998)

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Sex and the City (2008)
Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod: You seem distant.
Samantha Jones: Distant? You're still in me.

Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod: Your two best friends just got screwed over by their guys, how could you not be distant?

"Sex and the City: Splat! (#6.18)" (2004)
Samantha Jones: [regarding her vibrator] I haven't used it since Smith came back.
Jerry "Smith" Jerrod: Oh, baby that's sweet.

"Sex and the City: Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little (#6.4)" (2003)
Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod: That's harsh.
Samantha Jones: Yeah, I am harsh. I'm also demanding, stubborn, self-sufficient and always right. In bed, at the office, and everywhere else.

"Sex and the City: An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux (#6.20)" (2004)
Smith Jerrod: Hey, babe, I flew back.
Samantha: You flew all night? Why?
Smith Jerrod: I forgot to tell you something on the phone: I love you.
Samantha: You flew back to tell me that?
Smith Jerrod: Can you think of a better reason?
Samantha: [with a tear in her eye] No, I can't. You have meant more to me than any man I have ever known.