Samantha Jones
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Biography for
Samantha Jones (Character)
from "Sex and the City" (1998)

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Samantha Jones is a powerful, uninhibited public relations executive and probably the most outgoing female character in television history. Samantha loves men and sex and doesn't care who knows it. She boldly goes after any man she finds the least bit attractive or appealing, but only to have sex with him. Throughout most of the series Samantha does not believe in the conventional relationship. She believes monogamy is unnatural and makes it her business to have as much sex as she possibly can. She describes herself as tri-sexual ("I'll try anything once!") and does partake in a lesbian relationship for a few episodes. She brags about the fact that she can "have sex like a man", without getting emotionally involved. The number of sexual partners she has had throughout the show is way up there.

Samantha does actually fall in love during the shows run. The first is James, whom she actually abstains from having sex with at first because she really likes him. When they finally do have sex Samantha realizes, much to her dismay, that James has an incredibly small penis and he cannot satisfy her. Try as she might to make the relationship work they split because of his "shortcoming."

Richard Wright was the next man that remained in Samantha's life for more than one night. A hotel owner, Richard at first was just like Samantha; he believed in sex without feelings and wanted to remain a bachelor forever. He was actually the first one to try to develop more of a relationship with Samantha than she wanted. She did, however, let her guard down and allow herself to fall in love with him. Not long after they decided to be exclusive though, Samantha caught Richard cheating. She tried to give him another chance but decided it wasn't worth her sanity always suspicious of him cheating again.

Samantha then gets involved with Jerry Jared, a waiter/actor. Jerry is much younger than Samantha and somewhat naive when it comes to life. Samantha takes Jerry under her wing (and into her bed) and helps to establish him as one of the hottest new actors. He changes his name to Smith and stars in ads for Absolute Vodka and a Gus Van Sant movie. As Smith becomes the next big thing, his and Samantha's relationship gets stronger and stronger. Their bond is tested though when Samantha discovers that she has breast cancer. As difficult as it is Smith emerges as the strong supportive boyfriend and his loyalty and love prove to Samantha that having someone isn't such a bad thing.

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