Carrie Bradshaw
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Biography for
Carrie Bradshaw (Character)
from "Sex and the City" (1998)

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Carrie is the main character in Sex and the City. She is a writer for the New York Star with a column with the same title as the show. When she is not writing about her relationships, sex, men, women, careers, etc. for her column, she is shopping (mostly for designer shoes) or chatting with her three best friends; Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte.

The show focuses on these four characters and their relationships with men and each other.

Carrie has four important relationships throughout the series.

The first is with Mr. Big (as he is referred to throughout the entire show. We don't find out his real name until the last 30 seconds of the series finale) Mr. Big is sexy, successful, and exciting but emotionally unavailable. Carrie spends the entire length of their first time around trying to get Big to commit to her completely. It ends for the first time after Big won't introduce Carrie to his mother, proving to her that he never will actually change.

Carrie and Big have another go at it in the next season. It seems as though Big is now able to be the man Carrie wants him to be when suddenly he begins showing signs of commitment phobia. It finally ends for a second time when Big announces that he will be moving to Paris for a year and does not consider Carrie's feelings about it nor the effect it will have on their relationship.

While on hiatus from her relationship with Big, Carrie has trysts with other men. A baseball player for the Yankees, a younger man, a pot-smoking comic book store owner........

Carrie is partying in the Hamptons one night when she spots Big. He is back from Paris and has met another woman, Natasha. Carrie is furious when she finds out they are engaged, as Big once told her he never wanted to get married. Angry as she is Carrie tries to be the adult and remain friends with Big. While she seems to be slowly getting over him, she is truly broken hearted when she reads about Big and Natasha's wedding in the newspaper.

Carrie finally finds a new love interest in Aidan. Aidan is a furniture designer who is genuinely a good guy. He is handsome, considerate, loyal, and totally in love with Carrie. Things are going well with Carrie and Aidan until Big comes into the picture again. After drinking too much at a furniture show, Big tells Carrie that his marriage is falling apart and he wants Carrie back. At first she refuses his advances but then gives into him. They have an on-going affair while he is still with his wife and Carrie is still with Aidan. The affair ends when Big's wife Natasha discovers Carrie trying to sneak out of her apartment. However, the guilt of the affair eats at Carrie and on the day of Charlotte & Trey's wedding, she tells him about it all. Aidan shows up after the ceremony, they speak for a few minutes, but knowing he will never get over the fact that Carrie cheated, ends their relationship.

Another string of short-lived romances follow including one with Ray, a Jazz musician with ADHD, all the while keeping up a platonic relationship with Big.

Carrie sees Aidan again at his and Miranda's ex-boyfriend Steve's bar opening. Upon seeing him she realizes how much she has missed him and wants to start things up again. Aidan is reluctant but finally agrees to give Carrie another chance.

Carrie and Aidan's second time around is short lived. At first he is distant and sometimes mean to Carrie, payback for the cheating. Then they move in together and become engaged only to break up again when Carrie realizes she is not ready for marriage and that Aidan still does not fully trust her.

Carries move onto Jack Berger, another writer. Jack and Carrie seem to be blissfully heading towards happily-ever after until Jack shows his true colors. Carrie's articles have been turned into a book and she is becoming very successful. Jack on the other hand, was dropped by his publishers and becomes resentful of Carrie and her success. A small attempt is made to save the relationship but Berger ultimately ends up breaking up with Carrie on a post-it.

In the final season Carrie meets Aleksandr Petrofsky, an older Russian artist. At first Carrie believes this is just a fling but she soon sees that Aleksandr is becoming very serious about her. He proves this to her when he asks her to move to Paris with him. After much consideration, and to the dismay of her friends (mostly Miranda) Carrie agrees and moves to Paris with him. Just before she leaves New York however, Big shows up and seems as if he is about to confess his love for Carrie. Before he can though, Carrie tells him that she is tired of his games and that she never wants to see him again.

While in Paris, Carrie is in awe of the beautiful city but soon becomes bored and feels neglected. Aleksandr is spending all of his time preparing for a new gallery opening and Carrie is left wandering the streets of Paris alone. She calls Miranda to express her sorrow but convinces herself that she is just being silly. Meanwhile, Big meets with Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha to get their advice on what to do about his love for Carrie. Knowing Carrie is not actually happy in Paris, Miranda encourages Big to go to Paris and bring Carrie back to New York.

Carrie has finally had enough of Aleksandr when he leaves her sitting on a bench in a gallery while he meets with the curator. After a heated fight, Carrie realizing that she is not happy with Paris or Aleksandr, leaves him. Amazingly, she bumps into Big in a hotel lobby in Paris. He confesses his love for her, swears that she is "the one" and brings her back to New York. The series ends with the implication that Carrie and Big will get married and finally have their happily-ever-after.

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