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Grace Briggs (Character)
from Return to Me (2000)

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Return to Me (2000)
Megan Dayton: You're going to get a heart, I *know*. And you'll be able to do all the things you never could before. That's what you've gotta concentrate on. Think of riding a bike, and going to Italy... and dating *really* handsome men. *That*, I know, has to happen for one of us.
Grace Briggs: I'm getting a new heart, not a new ass.

Megan Dayton: Whatever you do, don't shave your legs.
Grace Briggs: Why?
Megan Dayton: Well, then you definitely won't let it go too far.
Grace Briggs: Megan! It's a *first* date!
Megan Dayton: Yeah, well, I married a first date, missy, and you know how it is. You're out with a guy, you find him attractive, and suddenly everything he says sounds brilliant. Hairy legs are your only link to reality.
Grace Briggs: I think you should needle-point that on a pillow.
Megan Dayton: Well, I just might! It kept me a virgin until... y'know, *whenever*.

[Self-conscious about her heart transplant scars, Grace checks her appearance in a mirror]
Angelo: Grace, come on, it's been over a year, you can hardly see it anymore.
Grace Briggs: Nice try, Angelo. I just don't like all the questions, you know?
Marty: You tell everybody you're just the luckiest girl in the world.
Grace Briggs: I know, Grandpa, I know.
Marty: You're beautiful, and no one's going to notice your chest.
Grace Briggs: Thanks a lot.

Bob Rueland: Would you go out with me?
Grace Briggs: Yes?
Bob Rueland: Is that a question?
Grace Briggs: No, it's a yes. Yes.
Bob Rueland: Tomorrow night?
Grace Briggs: Yes.
Bob Rueland: Eight o'clock?
Grace Briggs: Yes.
Bob Rueland: Pick you up here?
Grace Briggs: Yes.
Bob Rueland: My, you're a very difficult woman.

Grace Briggs: [on learning she has Elizabeth's heart] What was God thinking?

[Grace and Bob are on top of a building looking down at the city]
Grace Briggs: Wow, this is incredible. We can see all this because we're standing on something you built.
Bob Rueland: I had help.

Grace Briggs: So, I'm gonna tell him tonight.
Megan Dayton: Oh, please, I've heard that before.
Grace Briggs: No, I am.
Megan Dayton: Well, you should because he's perfect you know.
Grace Briggs: Yeah... for me he is.

Grace Briggs: [after accidentally slapping Bob for brushing her chest] Oh! I'm so sorry! I'm re... oh... Did you see anything?
Bob Rueland: [rubbing his cheek] I wasn't looking.
Grace Briggs: No, no, I know, but it's because I had a heart... I had a heart... I had a heartwarming dream about you.
Bob Rueland: Ugh! Must have a been a nightmare.
Grace Briggs: No. I mean, you were very...
Bob Rueland: Scary?
Grace Briggs: Sexy.
Bob Rueland: [grins] You had a sex dream about me?
Grace Briggs: No! I didn't have... I didn't have a sex dream about you. I just met you, I don't even know you. I'm really... sorry...
[kisses Bob]

Marsha: [as Grace is bringing water to their table] Oh no-no-no-no-no! Do you have *bottled* water?
Grace Briggs: Sure. Anybody else?
Marsha: I don't want Swiss water. I got sick on an imported Swiss water.
[to her friend]
Marsha: Do you remember that night? As long as it's not Swiss or tap water it will be fine, preferably French, no bubbles. I want it cold, no ice, no glass, just the bottle and a straw. Do you want to write it down? I don't want Swiss water, I got sick on an imported Swiss water once...
Grace Briggs: I'm pretty sure I got it.
Marsha: [later, as Grace is telling her the specials] That sounds so *fattening*. Is every dish here cooked in *oil*?
Grace Briggs: No... some we boil in Swiss water.

Joe Dayton: [sees Grace crying] Aw, Christ. Who died?
Megan Dayton: No one.
Grace Briggs: [sobbing] Bob's wife!
Joe Dayton: He's married?
Megan Dayton: Oh, God...
Joe Dayton: Rat bastard!
Tyler Dayton: Yeah, rat bastard!
Joe Dayton: Tyler, shh! You want me to go over there and handle this? You want me to handle that son of a bitch?
Megan Dayton: Joe, no, please don't. Joe...
Joe Dayton: I knew it! I knew it, that hairline...
Megan Dayton: Joe, stay out of it, you don't know...
Joe Dayton: ...the "creative type", it's a given!
Megan Dayton: You don't know what you're talking about. Take the kids, stop it. Go with Daddy.
Joe Dayton: I'll go take care of it. I swear to God, I will kick his ass for you. I'll kick the shit out of him!
Megan Dayton: Honey, stop it, please! Stop it...
Joe Dayton: Quit pushing me!
Megan Dayton: I'm gonna push you! You don't...
Joe Dayton: Grace, what's going on here?
Megan Dayton: Joe, nothing's going on!
Joe Dayton: You want me to handle it? I'll kick the shit out of him for you, Grace! That son of a bitch!
Megan Dayton: Joe, please!
Joe Dayton: What? What?
Megan Dayton: Grace has Bob's dead wife's heart!
Joe Dayton: [stunned] He's not married? Huh. Okay.